Let's get to work.

It's a match! Let me prove it to you as we go ahead with our branding questionnaire. 


Here we go:

ex: your story / more followers / more engagement / up sales / giveaways & contests / Instagram stories / behind the scenes / portfolio
What services your company provide? Whoo is your target market & main potential clients? Where are you located? How many years has it been? Are there any accounts or other companies that catch your eye for inspiration?
Do you currently have a bank or images to use for future posts? (if so, you can send them via google drive link or email) Don't have any? no worries, we can schedule a photoshoot.
Payment Agreement
Payments can be made bi weekly or once monthly on a chosen date. $50 Deposit is still due prior to first payment date.
What are we missing? Is there something specific you are envisioning for your platforms? Little things I should know? You can always email/text if you think of something in the future.