*taken 3 months ago when we were last in camp together

*taken 3 months ago when we were last in camp together

It’s been a week since Kaitleen & I arrived on the island of Lesvos it’s a Greek island very close to Turkey. A place that has become very familiar to the both of us, a place that has become a hot spot with over 13,000 migrants who were forced to flee their country. It’s a place that is tense, broken, beautiful, unpredictable but also full of glimpses of hope. As much as we both enjoy writing, it is often hard to formulate into words. We will try our best!

Since some of our work and stories may be confidential or sensitive information you can send me your email and I’ll be sure to update you on our time here.

In the mean time here are a few previous blog post links, resources or stories regarding what has been going on in Greece, Turkey & in camps.

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