Let's get to work.

It's a match! Let me prove it to you as we go ahead with our branding questionnaire. If you don’t know the answer to some of these - we can figure it out together. This is just the skeleton before we dive deep & get your brand growing!


Here we go:

ex: more followers / more engagement / up sales / giveaways & contests / Instagram stories / behind the scenes / portfolio
Suggestions: What does your company provide, who are your main clients, What makes your different? Where are you located? How many years has it been?
Do you currently have a bank or images to use for future posts? (if so, you can send them via google drive link or email) Don't have any? no worries, we can schedule a photoshoot.
Username & Password
Have you ever used a scheduling platform ?(ex: Later or Hootsuite)
Maybe you love your logo but you want branded colour pallets or graphics or new cards?
What are we missing? Is there something specific you are envisioning for your platforms? Little things I should know? You can always email/text if you think of something in the future.