Cute spots // West Village Cafe

I am currently writing this post from this very cafe. West Village has become a second home to me and my friends. If you are looking for a spot to catch up, get some amazing photos or eat delicious food you seriously need to stop by.

This has been one of the most beneficial collaborations yet. I have had meaningful conversations and bumped into old friends in the last couple of months. The lighting is always beautiful and for some reason you feel like you're in a whole other city, when in reality you may be 10 minutes from home.

The entire idea behind this cafe according to owner Paul Bhangoo was to have a local place that revolved around community and for people to develop relationships. That dream became a reality and it is very evident when you step foot into their space. Hello's are exchanged, names are remembered and faces are familiar. It's our new go to! 

My fav drink to order: COCONUT MILK HOT CHOCOLATE

My fav smoothies: ANTIOXIDENT 


instagram: @west_village_cafe_

open 8am -8pm (such awesome hours!) 


Local Adventures // Yarrow

Portraits from a little friendly walk in Yarrow, BC. Just head East as if you are going to Chilliwack and you will spot local fishers, people walking dogs and some great photo op spots. 




by: @cecerahoerason

We all know the typical the typical YVR tourist photo spot (suspension bridge, English bay etc.) Here are some unexpected lower mainland photogenic places.


1. Sasamat Lake , Port Moody 

(Also known as White Pine Beach) This beautiful lake and walkway is one of many photogenic spots in the Belcarra Regional Park. 

2. Cleveland Dam

photo from: @jaunt_gc

photo from: @jaunt_gc

Cleveland dam (free tourist attraction) is located in North Vancouver. 

3. New West Pier

New Westminster Pier has a great View of the Patullo Bridge , and a beautiful walkway. You wont miss the 140ft "W" .  

4. Fish trap creek Park , Abbotsford 

Abbotsford is full of hidden gem locations, such as this one. Enjoy a walk, run or bird watching at Fish Creek Trap Park!

5. Chilliwack Lake 

Chilliwack Lake Provincial Park is gorgeous in every season. 

6. Pitt Lake

photo: pa_leblanc

photo: pa_leblanc

Weather you're Kayaking, canoeing or going for a stroll Pitt Lake (2nd largest in the lower mainland) has the most breath taking scenery.

7. Light House Park

Lighthouse park can be found along the shore of West Vancouver, the variety of angles you can get of this lighthouse are endless! 

8. Steveston 

Steveston (also known as Storybrooke, from Once Upon a Time) is a small fishing village with numerous different historic textures to photograph. 

9. Central Park

The PNW vibes are real with this Central Park, Burnaby Gazebo. 

10. Barnston Island 

photo: @rileykuebler

photo: @rileykuebler

What I like to call the backyard island. Located between Surrey & Pitt Meadows. You can hop on the free ferry by car or bike. 


Meet the Creative // Magnus Futrell-Fruhling

Magnus Futrell-Fruhling

Dancer / Model 

What is a struggle you have over come?

The biggest struggle I ever had to overcome, was definitely the passing of my father. My dad passed away when I was just becoming a teenager, so going through my teenage life without a solid male role model around was, to put it lightly... “rough”.

It made me constantly search for something/someone to fill the void that was created. It was a roller coaster of a battle against myself to change the WHY DID THIS HAPPEN TO ME?! perspective, into a I will be the BEST version of myself possible BECAUSE this has happened to me. 

I will be the BEST version of myself possible BECAUSE this has happened to me. 

What lifestyle choices are you making to be genuinely happy? 

Learning how to put yourself first has been a huge lesson for me, if you don’t know how to make yourself happy then how can you expect to make another human being happy? Everything starts from within. If you don’t understand how to start from within, then your outsides will be super limited. Your insides reflect your outsides, and the sooner you can realize that the sooner you can start focusing on what truly matters. Rather than always running to other people’s rescue (which is making them have to rely on you, for their happiness) Teach them how to rescue themselves, so that they can be their own source of happiness.


Here are 3 simple reminders/tips I like to give myself.

1. The thing that you’re motivated to do when you’re at your weakest is the thing that you should be doing always.

Let me clarify, whatever you find yourself naturally gravitating towards at the beginning or end of a full day is what you should be doing all day.

2. Gary Vaynerchuk drill this into my existence and it’s the most motivating statement I’ve ever heard. Their is a 400 TRILLION to 1 chance of you being born. Whenever you’re unmotivated just remember how damn lucky you’re to even be alive right now, stop taking it for granted and get to work on whatever it is that fires you up to live your best every single day.

3. Young and Old: Integrate Young and old people into your lifestyle immediately if you haven’t already, age is the best teacher that we have.

Children teach us to be in the moment more, and in our heads less, to be amazed by the most simple of things, simply because life in it’s natural state is genuinely beautiful.

They teach us to believe in the unbelievable, that anything is possible, to smile and laugh more, and many many more things.

Elderly teach us to be patient, to not take life for granted, to enjoy every moment while it lasts, to follow our wildest dreams sooner rather than later, to take advantage of every moment that we have with our family members.

They teach us to have pride in our family heritage, they teach us the importance of history through the tales of their souls that they share so lovingly with us newer generation, and many many more things.

I’ll leave you with this, you only have one life. Nobody knows the answers on how we’re supposed to live it, as long as you can go to bed every night knowing that if it was your last night on this earthly planet, and you could fall asleep with a smile on your face knowing that you had accomplished everything that you’ve wanted to in your past days, then you have lived the perfect life.

instagram : @magnus.magneto

Local adventures // Hawaii edition GIRLS WEEKEND

Hawaii Weekend lifestyle shoot

Grab some friends, a camera, and a car! Thats all it took to share and capture some beautiful memories on the Big Island. After checking out some Pinterest inspiration we chose a couple photogenic destinations to spend our weekend.

Pulled up at Old Airport Beach right in time for the sunset. What a peaceful place to slowly drive to shoot some sick car window shots. 

Pulled up at Old Airport Beach right in time for the sunset. What a peaceful place to slowly drive to shoot some sick car window shots. 

location: Waikoloa Hilton pool bridge

location: Waikoloa Hilton pool bridge

Waikoloa Resorts Big Island, HI

Waikoloa Resorts Big Island, HI

Old Airport Beach // Big Island, Kona HI

Old Airport Beach // Big Island, Kona HI

little behind the scenes action of what it takes to get the perfect shot. Crawling in the props with your models happens. 

Locations: Waikoloa Hilton & Old Airport Beach

Models: Natalie Schwisow & Sarah Kim

Car rental: Enterprise Kona

To my anxiety filled self

Dear you, yes you.

Let's talk about it.

It's ok to feel like the world is caving in, but guess what? It's not. Take a deep breath, take time for YOU. It's ok to be busy, and it's ok to have evenings to yourself or even an entire day if you must! It's ok that you have commitment issues, and you find it hard to let people in. it's ok to let people take care of you. Travelling and dreaming is no longer an issue, you've got this. Appreciate your friends, let them take your phone away if it's causing you stress, it's ok not to want to answer that text or email. But you'll have to do it eventually. The more you put off, the more it will add up. It's ok, not to be ok.

Don't let mental illness get in the way of what you are called and dream to do! Don't let whatever you've got going on in your mind be a label that defines you. (cheesy, I know).. an ambassador. Speak the truth, post the truth, capture the truth, be an encouraging ear for those who think no one can relate to them, because you canYou can start a movement, you can create, you can drive, go to school, get on a plane, jump off a cliff, hike a mountain, move out, say hi to that cute guy, speak in front of hundreds of people, you can do so much.. so what are you waiting for?  

Love me.

A tiny bit about my experience with anxiety. 

I always knew I was a little more anxious than other about certain things, I would find myself having panic attacks at what seemed like the most inconvenient times. Like why now? Why am I feeling like I need to get out of here when it is such a fun scene for everyone else. 

I still find myself complaining to close friends wanting to be normal, and wondering why I'm not because everything would be so much easier if I was, right? I know that's just the devil trying to get to me when I am weak. 

What does it feel like? It's certainly different for everyone. Sometimes I feel like I'm slowly chocking to the point where I'm gagging and occasionally throwing up. Other times I have a terrible migraine and my chest feels heavy. Sometimes my body is tense for an entire conversation or it's as if everyone in a crowded room is talking about me. Sometimes I just want to surround myself with plenty of friends to lift me up, then other times I disappear and fall off the face of the earth for a couple of hours.

I stay up and get so productive with things that may not even be priority. I sometimes have anxiety with people and I come off as very friendly and bubbly but my insecurities have often got in the way of what I want to do or say. I get so anxious wondering and expecting the worst when it comes to what specific people think of me. I hate not being liked. I will do whatever it takes for things to be good between us, or to change your perception. 

That's what I do, often I mess up a little bit and expect all hell to break loose. 

I struggle with slowing myself down. Sometimes my thumbs are moving so fast and i'm multi tasking and responding here and there that my brain can barely keep up. Travelling is something I love and I will not let anxiety get in the way of that. I try to surround myself with people who keep me healthy and accountable. Last year a new thing I became anxious about was trying to figure out what life is like when you are single and I struggled with that for a month. Then after a car accident I was prescribed medication that I stopped taking them because I couldn't sleep whenever when I took these anti-depressants. I am realizing that there are other ways to control your anxiety. Maybe it was easier for me than it is for others to not be on medication, but I will never regret that risky decision to stop. 

As a 20th birthday present to myself I got inked for the first time. A reminder to not be anxious & instead pray. I love it!!! I am now. I'm not perfect, I don't want to be branding myself superficially and make it all about free products, gaining numbers and selfish things. I just want to forget about likes and stop checking my blog analytics and just live everyday the way I want to live it.  


#BELLLETSTALK is an initiative that started to create open conversations about Mental Ilnesess', Don't let this just be for one day, let's continue to be open, loving, and as encouraging we are today as a nation. 

Life Update // " So um.. you're still in Hawaii?"


I am about to hit one month here on the big island.

I knew someday I'd be on this base again, but little did I know it would be this soon. I always pictured myself coming back and spending time here serving once I had kids or something, or l assumed I’d be here doing a DTS. When the family I was staying with went back to Abbotsford I had no idea what I would be doing. I thought perhaps i’d sit in on my friends classes or just explore Hawaii and fly home the next day.


Screen Shot 2017-12-25 at 11.19.14 PM.png


I went to a parenting class by accident and found out one of the girls I had previously met had to go back to Canada on very short notice, because her mother had passed away. This was the same day I was looking up tickets to go home. I felt like there was nothing for me in Hawaii. I thought I misheard God. I clearly came feeling like I was called here for a reason. I mean who wouldn't think it was a sign to come to Hawaii? I was given a free ticket, no time to decide and on top of that I got to go back to one of my fav places. Then it all fell into place overnight. My doubts turned into joy. I was given free housing with one of my fav girls here, meals covered and a 15 month old baby that I love with all my heart. This family is doing a school here and had no one to watch their baby while their nanny was home for 2 weeks. They constantly remind me of how much of a blessing I am, and to me it’s pure fun because I love little babes. So many people stop me on campus to say they think I’m some sort of miracle for having no plans for the 2 weeks before photography school and taking on a baby. I am definitely learning and experiencing what it might be like to be a mom someday. (not soon)


Nothing has changed too much, I still love target & I even bought some cute home decor I am not sure how I will be able to take back. (probably going to shove it in my backpack)


Since I knew I would only be here for a short period of time, I did not expect to have such strong relationships with the people I’ve met here. They have spoken in to my life a ton, we’ve all mourned, cried, laughed and watched people be completely set free from their pasts together. (if that doesn't bring people close… I don’t know what does!) Myself and some of my girlfriends went to an amazing full day women's conference and last weekend might have “re-changed my life”. I am aware that my heart, priorities and lifestyle had shifted while here, but it felt like it would only be temporary. That since I was in the YWAM world I would be this way and then go home, go back to my same old life, bad habits, routines and insecurities. NOT ANYMORE. I know it will be extremely hard not to fall into temptations, and not feel less than I am, but I am being equipped to go back to Canada and be a inspiring version of myself.

Someone I barely knew gave me some encouraging words out of nowhere and reassured me that it is a gift to be able to bring people together and that this year I will be challenged to be an influence to others. I was like wow, ok.. Nice to meet you?! Um… who the heck am I influencing other than like maybe my youth girls?! He had no idea.. Said he just heard it Lol. I was scared he meant: people are watching you and that it would make me anxious or nervous about the way I act, but it turned out to be a wake up call to get my actions inline with my beliefs.  



Next week will be a little different since I am going to be joining in and assisting in the Photography program here on campus, half the day as a model and the other half to set up/take down lights.


But usually I wake up fairly early. If we want to eat we have to be up before 7:15 (when breakfast ends), Pick up bb Keegan and we just do whatever 1 year olds like to do. Eat dry cereal, nap, chase birds, socialize, go on the swings.. it’s quite fun. I am usually done around 3 and from there I sit in the hammock with friends, we go down to the beach, or just hang out. In the evenings there are various worship/ministry nights, and I have dance classes twice a week so that’s been keeping me busy. The best part (after Target) has been the stars! If you’ve ever been away from the city you know what I’m talking about. Looking at the open sky sitting on some lava rocks with friends has been one of the highlights of my trip. I knew 0 constellations and now I know maybe 4.

OH, I’ve also downloaded duolingo cuz Im learning German. (see you this summer when you’re a beautiful bride Leni!)



when will I come home?

In the next 24 hours, I will be purchasing a ticket to beautiful YVR.


The other day my friend passed away after being hit by a car as a pedestrian. He was in a coma and did not make it due to the bleeding and swelling in his brain. I am so grateful for the memories I shared with him, and how much he has made me laugh so hard that I’ve actually cried. Definitely keep his family in your prayers. I need to be in Victoria for the funeral pretty soon.


My estimated date of arrival… whenever it’s the cheapest! (so between FEB 9-14)


Here’s a nifty form for you to contact me if you don’t have imessage or want to email me for fun (I love e-mails, just saying) Make some plans for when I’m back? come visit me at home while I sort to everything I own and try and sell it for money considering I didn't work all month. God provides, it’s all cool, not too worried.


Love you all lots & lots.


Mahalo for reading my letter full of gibberish, 

If I'm sending you this, it's probably because I very much miss you. :) 


Travelling with Aria

Aria Travel Kit 

I can't sit still for long, so travelling has become a huge part of my life. I am a big fan of quality products, that's why I was thrilled to receive the Aria Travel Kit and put it to practice on my trip to Hawaii.

Every time I pulled out a product from the kit I felt like a kid opening a present on christmas morning. 

This kit is carefully curated, each product is a true travel essential and has items you didn't even know you really needed. 

Here is a little picture overview of what the kit contains. All of these goodies fit perfectly into the "super organized aria case"

I had a 6 hour flight and I opened my kit numerous times! Right before we landed we were all handed custom forms for entering the state of Hawaii and I had never been so grateful for a pretty pen! Erin (Aria kit creator) thought of everything little thing ! 

  • handmade face-body moisturizer
  • handmade all-natural lip balm (SMELLS AMAZING)
  • handmade natural toothpaste & biodegradable toothbrush
  • natural deodorant 
  • moist towelettes
  • silk sleeping eye mask (100% mulberry-fed silk)
  • metallic gummi ear buds
  • soundproof ear plugs
  • fluffy microfibre socks
  • metallic pen   
I love that I was able to freshen up before landing, I wiped my makeup off with an alcohol free towelette (super gentle on my sensitive face) , brushed my teeth and applied some good ol' deodorant. 

I love that I was able to freshen up before landing, I wiped my makeup off with an alcohol free towelette (super gentle on my sensitive face) , brushed my teeth and applied some good ol' deodorant. 

This is the pouch that your earbuds come in. Am I the only one who is obsessed with little cases and pouches? Now I keep this in my purse!

This is the pouch that your earbuds come in. Am I the only one who is obsessed with little cases and pouches? Now I keep this in my purse!

Full of everything you need to stay comfortable for long flights, layovers, anywhere in the world.

My Fav captured moments of 2016!

HERE YOU GO, a highlight of some moments i am glad I captured this year. If I was any good at scrapbooking my album would be huge! 2016 was full of events & friends I love with all my heart.

People love/hate that I record & take pictures of everything.. from food to something ridiculous they are doing. I usually get away with it by saying it's my version of journaling?! I cherish every picture I take and do not regret the storage space that is filled up on all my devices. Careful, I also keep the embarrassing photos to use on your birthday... I think I love in the moment pictures I have been saving off of snapchat & instagram stories more than the creatives photography styled shots simply because I get a warm fuzzy flood of happiness when I come across old funny videos or pictures I took.


JUNE 2016, the month I decided to take photography seriously. My dad gifted me the used Canon I had been dreaming of getting. I knew I was always the person with a camera or phone handy since high school, but never did I think I would be interested in taking photos in a professional & storytelling way. 

Aurore, thank you being my go-to model. Living so far from family is hard. I was excited to re-meet and get to know my beautiful cousin for 3 entire months! 

Aurore, thank you being my go-to model. Living so far from family is hard. I was excited to re-meet and get to know my beautiful cousin for 3 entire months! 

fav event I shot: PRINCESS tea party, i repeat PRINCESS! 

fav event I shot: PRINCESS tea party, i repeat PRINCESS! 

this gal. no words or gifts will ever be enough to thank her for her friendship this year.

this gal. no words or gifts will ever be enough to thank her for her friendship this year.

taken at: Village Collective

taken at: Village Collective

taken at: Village Collective

taken at: Village Collective

2016, my first every music festival gig!! Here's to many more?  taken at: Rifflandia , Victoria

2016, my first every music festival gig!! Here's to many more?

taken at: Rifflandia , Victoria

This may only seem exciting to me, but this year I got to meet every influencer I had always been admiring from a distance!! 

Sometimes all it takes is a quick bold moment of courage to write a message/email/DM, entering numerous contests, showcasing your best work or looking for local opportunities. I


JOHN DONNELlY - Him and his associates have my dream job. Watching him & the City of Surrey special events team run some of my favourite festivals so smoothly gave me clarity to what type of jobs I could put my creative and organizational skills to. They are the reason I decided events & marketing was something I wanted to purse as a career. (how I ended up at BCIT) 

TREASURES & TRAVELS - I first stepped into their cute studio for a coffee with creatives hosted by Later Media. (who has been so supportive of my photography & events passions, thank you for the amazing volunteer opportunities by the way!) Meeting Tegan & Lindsay and hearing their story inspires me to create more content! Being part of their market they curated for the Vancouver Mural Festival was a blast.  

no big deal, but I also met the 3 other people who creatively inspire me the most through social media. 

@tothmedia & @wearetothe9s

myself, Ky & wearetothe9s getting a quick pic at another fun Vancouver Buisness Babes event. 

myself, Ky & wearetothe9s getting a quick pic at another fun Vancouver Buisness Babes event. 


2016, you scary, sneaky, exciting & unpredictable you!! I learnt that God provides, forgives, saves and heals broken hearts when you trust in him. He has protected me and my friends whilst chasing waterfalls, mountains, sunsets, lakes and beautiful scenery. There is still so much of BC and the world to explore! 


To my littles ones who are not so little. Thanks for being the raddest youth kids out there. xox

FAMILY // Youth church 

FAMILY // Youth church 

Southgate family, I love you. Thank you for helping me grow as a person and challenging me to use my talents to serve! 

Village church, youth leaders & community group gals. wow. Thank you for your warm hospitality. I feel right at home and I can't wait for 2017.   

Ella Klassen , our relationship went from strangers, customer/associate, to being sisters in no time. I won't share too much in this post but I am so excited to be returning to Hawaii with her family in less than a week while this girlie travels Thailand & the sea. I miss you already!

So my dear friends.. thank you, for being photogenic, and letting me take pictures of your faces. Thank you for all the laughs, for offering to drive my car for me because I hate driving, for going on spontaneous adventures and for making 2016 such a community & coffee filled year. My heart is full.  I have never felt so loved despite the ups and downs that occurred in the last 12 months.  LOTS OF LOVE, 
- Cece 

BRING IT ON 2017!!! 

Fort with friends

Catching up with these pretty ladies called for a just for fun shoot! The different seasons in Fort Langley make for a large variety of scenery and amazing photographs. What a great pick me up & fresh air after what seemed like an endless year of finals! ;) this is a great time to reconnect with the people you've been meaning to text/write/call/have coffee with. I challenge you to reach out to a friend you think about time to time and have wanted to catch up with! Happy winter break folks! 



These beauties:   @kyleighthomson   &   @joyleivdal


Fort Langley or petting zoo? :) furry special guests are always welcome in my pictures


we warmed up with some hot chocolate made with coconut milk (try it!) from Lelums'




Ky is one of my fav people, if you don't know her, you're missing out. She makes for a cutie of a model too.   

Check out my photography page for previous portrait & event shots, I'm taking 2017 bookings and I'm so excited to have been able to build such a fun portfolio full of friends. 

Canyon Lights @ Capilano suspension bridge


I had such a blast wandering the park during Canyon Lights. Believe it or not, it was my first time on the bridge. It was such a breathtaking night full of fellow creatives & photographers. It's such a magical environment. So many lights, treetop views and bridges to explore. 

I was a big fan of the card making activity & the "adult hot chocolate" ;) ! 

Yummy snacks from: hardbite chips 

Thank you Capilano for having me & my Instagram family. Beautiful memories were captured that night. 



"The suspension bridge, Treetops Adventure, Cliffwalk, the rainforest and canyon will again be transformed into a glistening world of festive lights and dazzling visual enchantment. Lights will illuminate Capilano River and the canyon’s cliff face. See the world’s tallest living Christmas tree (153 feet tall and growing!) and search for the glowing owls in the Snowy Owl Prowl. Sing-along with the holiday band. Decorate gingerbread cookies, make Christmas crafts and take family photos throughout the park." - capilano website

OPEN FROM: Nov 24 - Jan 8 from 11-9PM

hosted by : @Hardbitechips @Vancity @TothMedia @Westcoastsights


Pumpkin Patch

FALL IS HERE!! Aldor Acres Farms

how do you know it's fall? Your instagram feed is full of baby puppies, goats and pumpkins! My annual trip to the pumpkin patch is something I look forward to. It's so much fun to create and capture fun memories shared with your friends or a scary goat. 

this year, the farm had puppies. I repeat.. puppies! My heart was full the entire time I got to cuddle one of them

this year, the farm had puppies. I repeat.. puppies! My heart was full the entire time I got to cuddle one of them

My tights are a mess, I know  Watch: Moto 360 // Rain Jacket: Walmart (i have it in black too) // Boots: Joe Fresh

My tights are a mess, I know

Watch: Moto 360 // Rain Jacket: Walmart (i have it in black too) // Boots: Joe Fresh

Local Adventures - White Pine beach, New West & Lighthouse park

Local adventure - on a time crunch

if you're from the lower mainland and you're on a time crunch here are the spots you are able to do in one afternoon, or morning if you're one of those productive people. These locations are steps away from their parking lots and you can feel comfortable dressing cute for the sake of getting some great spots. 

keeping her new white shoes perfectly clean, a little bit of a struggle. 

keeping her new white shoes perfectly clean, a little bit of a struggle. 

model: My beautiful cousin - Aurore Delaporte // Blanket scarf - Primark

model: My beautiful cousin - Aurore Delaporte // Blanket scarf - Primark

Lighthouse park is a local fav. We ran into a couple getting some engagements done on a large rock near by. It is an absolutely photogenic spot. 

my good friend Brendan is always up for spontaneous adventuring. He actually directed a film, I cant wait to watch it!

my good friend Brendan is always up for spontaneous adventuring. He actually directed a film, I cant wait to watch it!

Where do you head when you're short on time? Keep an eye out on Instagram for inspiration and some hidden gem locations. 

D.I.Y triangle accent wall

I've seen this trending all over Instagram & Pinterest. A simple and easy way to create a focus wall. 

For my recreation of this D.I.Y I used:

Polka dot wall sticker kit from Rue 21

You could keep them as polka dots but I chose to cut them into triangles, they are safe for your painted walls and look great. 

Dollarstore sells wall decals you can also cut to your liking.

Things to try:

Place them in rows, all over the wall randomly or even alternate sizes depending on the look you are going for.

Try other shapes! Another cool accent wall I have seen included little X's or + signs made out of black tape or wall stickers.

Screen Shot 2016-11-12 at 5.55.28 PM.png

Studio Sessions // Portraits

I am blessed to have such photogenic people in my life. Here are some of my fav shots and some portrait pose/styles you can think of when doing your next studio photoshoot. 


My main tip: Have a lot of fun!! Make sure your models are having a lot of fun, get a fan going, make a playlist & have some fun concept in mind. 

Local adventures - Jones Lake

my oh my do I love spontaneous adventures. When I think about the person I will most likely spend the rest of my life with, I hope they can keep up with my instant need for fun trips. Last minute instagram searching turned into an overnight camping trip. Gather some friends, pack your bags and just east on Highway 1 for a really long time. Despite some car troubles, we managed to make it up to the campground.

Jones Lake is just past Bridal Falls (do both, it's worth it) , It is one of those great visually appealing destinations that does not require much planning or an entire weekend. Many photographers are impressed by the variety of shots you can obtain from one trip to the lake. 


The morning was so peaceful, and the lake is beautiful for capturing pictures and relaxing in the back of a car with some cozy blankets! 



Jones Lake essentials

  • 4x4 vehicle
  • snacks & drinks
  • camera, tripod , drone, iphone (there is no service half way up-so peaceful) 
  • warm clothes
  • canoe/kayak ( if I could go again, I would definitely suggest bringing something to float in)
  • Beanies by Jaunt clothing & good 

search up Jones Lake BC on instagram locations and you will find fabulous videos such as this one. 

Peaceful morning at Jones with a rad crew ✌🏼️

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Hello, World!

made for: BCIT MKTG