Holiday Gift Guide - For PNW dudes

Need some last minute gift ideas that a majority of men can appreciate?

Here are a few of our fav items that can be shopped from each brands online store OR even better, in stores at Fort & co , in beautiful Fort Langley, BC. (amen for not having to pay for shipping!)

To be honest, you can’t go wrong gifting anything Herschel. From apparel, suitcases, bags & travel essentials - it’s all perfectly designed AND PRACTICAL! (that’s where a majority of these are from)

I should really name this post: PRACTICAL GIFTS FOR A #PNW KINDA DUDE.


Here are our two fav rain jackets: The lining inside these jackets are quite nice! The black one is a longer length style - both come in various colours.


“Puffers are all the trend” - In the end, this one was our winner for best investment jacket. So light, fit in our backpacks, kept us warm & dry - yes, I said “us” . There is a women’s version as well.


A fun little gadget kind of gift - VSSL flashlights are such an aesthetic option for light & different supplies. Check their website , they have a flask version, first aid kit & even a zombie one - haha. A practical item to have camping, on a hike or in your car. They are actually local & have created such a great adventure tool.

Oh, here’s a fun stocking stuffer or gift bag idea. Herschel has these affordable & compact bags! I have used them in the past to hold gifts, but they also fit in a stocking. There are backpack or duffle versions!


Thought I would throw in one last little gift idea - Anything Gentlemen’s Hardware is beautifully branded, packaged & very practical. We found that these waterproof cards would work great for rainy trips, or in our case, being near a rapid river!


Hope this helps give you some holiday or birthday inspiration for a friend, brother significant other, dad, uncle etc. ( or for yourself - I personally like all of these)

Lightroom Edits w/Bella&Wren + Kassinka


Inspired by my fav VSCO presets I did my best to create Lightroom Presets that would work on multiple styles of photos & help achieve a professional look within a minimal turnover time.

Photographing Clothing & products:

When it comes to shooting product - especially apparel or OOTD's, it is key to have a fast workflow and not take too much time to post the picture. Items often become out of stock so post it after you purchase it, if you want to encourage others to shop your look & the chances of a store repost are higher if the item is available to purchase. 


My editing style changes depending on who the client is or what look I want the image to have. I like to categorize and export a warm tone + a cool toned edit. (You can see more hints of brown in the first image and a more blue tint in the second)


A preset is pretty much a filter you can apply to an images in Lightroom. I find that investing in an editing software is key. (I have the student monthly plan). You can purchase some from photographers & VSCO. I have also found various Free Presets on the internet.

I am working out the final details to share these presets with you for FREE! 


INSTAGRAM: @cecerahoerason + @cecerahoerason_media 

Staycation @ Burrard

Here is a little glimpse from our stay at the Burrard in Vancouver, BC.

Kassie & I are from the suburbs, being downtown even for a short trip gave us a breath of creativity and rest. The Burrard has loads of character, and the friendliest staff. We felt very taken care of and were steps away from the cutest shops & restaurants.  


After checking in we got changed & had dinner at the Warehouse (we sure love $5 food)! In the morning we had a waffle craving were able to grab a coffee from Elysian on our way out. The Burrard has amazing branding & social media presence, it feels like you are in California while still in the heart of Vancouver. 


When staying at the hotel you get to use the cutest bikes! We took advantage of this perk for our photoshoot. Overall, if you want the best Instagram photos & loads of DM's wondering "where is that!", "that place is so cute" this is the place to be! 


Summer is here and the adventures can begin! Today I'm sharing with you some of Jaunt's new collection & some tips on how you can photograph merchandise or apparel in a natural way.  

Trust me, their stuff is unbelievably soft & comfy. You can pair the tee's & tanks with athletic wear if you're going on a hike or camping or dress it up with some jeans and even a leather jacket for evening wear. 

#JAUNTON {check out their instagram, I get loads of ideas on where to go for photoshoots from them} 


I would do a poor job on explaining the JAUNT_GC history, so here's a little snippet from their website. 

Companies are starting to stray away from the studio styled shoots and opting for more lifestyle visual content. Since social media presence is so important and your typical ads are usually very obvious I find it fun to try and make product shoots look as organic as possible. Here are a few easy tips to get you started if you're interested in collaborating or featuring products in your posts. 

use your friends 

Free models. Free new profile picture. Everyday people are sometimes the best models, the adventure you take to get some pictures becomes a lot more fun when you are with a group of people you love. 

When I was in LA , I knew maybe one person and I happened to find models through friends of friends and asking around. People are more than willing to step in for a couple of photos. 


  feature what you love

It's totally ok not to make income on your first couple of posts. Companies will often reach out simply because you tagged them in a high quality photo. Get your work out there and don't be afraid to support brands you love.

location is key! 

Choose a location that makes sense. I can't stress that enough. It's one thing to look for a creative spot, and another to just go to the same place everyone else goes in the exact same spot. Keep an eye out as you are doing life incase you see potential backdrops and sceneries you can take future pictures at. Think about the product, where it would naturally be used and get creative! 

Feed off their feed

Some brands have very specific themes and traits in what they look for in posts that could potentially be featured. If you get hired on for a collaboration or sponsored post, make sure to ask if you are unclear about anything. Take a look at the colour themes, angles, similarities in their post and branding for inspiration. 

models: SONJA M. & BRAD K

models: SONJA M. & BRAD K


I love that the Jetset Times Shop encourages us to travel & seek experience. That is something I value in my short lived life & I have seen benefits in my day to day life from the places I've been to & the people I've met. 

I was very excited to take my new Ruffle Top Suit with me to Oregon.  Lots of heads were turned at the sight of this stylish and orginal suit. 

Location: Canon Beach , OREGON Model: MICAH S

Location: Canon Beach , OREGON Model: MICAH S

"The Rosa Ruffle Top is a fun, flirty bikini top ready to be noticed. Pair it with your favorite Nager By Nic Hyl bottom for instant beach style. Our favorite bottom to pair it with is the Leela Bottom, but feel free to wear with any other Nager by Nic Hyl bottom, your favorite shorts, skirts or jeans. The Rosa begs to be worn. Try it on or off the shoulder to add your own personal touch!"

beach blanket : Heavenly couture

beach blanket : Heavenly couture

Something we loved about the swim top is that it looked great paired with some flowy black pants for when the wind hits you or when you are on your way to the beach. can't wait to ry it with a maxi skirt too! 

"this product was received complimentary for testing purposes" - #jstambassador


Spring Home decor with Adoramapix

After a long weekend of sunshine, it honestly feels like summer already. Having the sun out makes me motivated to tidy & freshen up my space. I am a photographer who is obsessed with capturing every fun moment of my life, usually they instantly go up online but then sit on my hard drive for months.  I have mixed opinions when it comes to photo printing, primarily because I have had a hard time finding quality and affordability all in one. 


Just when I had given up on the idea of affordable prints, I partnered up with Adoramapix. 

ADORAMAPIX: "The source for the finest quality photo prints, photo books and all your photo finishing needs, produced by professionals who watch over each photo"

They even print on canvas’ , you can create photo books that lay completely flat! 

MODEL: ASHLEIGH BALL   (check out her work at @ashleighballcalligraphy)  WHITE MARBLE LAPTOP CASE: Renpho

MODEL: ASHLEIGH BALL   (check out her work at @ashleighballcalligraphy)


I am now obsessed with their company. They are based out of my birth city NYC! They also check every print. Follow them on Instagram, because they often have really fun stories from these amazing photographers. 


For this project I pulled photos from all over the place. It was so easy, I gathered instagram photos, facebook, my camera roll & USB’s. I downloaded the Pix uploader app that helped me get all my photos that I had edited on vsco & saved onto my phone.


I was browsing Pinterest & Instagram DIY home decor and a trend for prints were square. They are aesthetically pleasing & can be used for so much! It makes it a little different compared to printing a 4x6 from a grocery store, which doesn’t always turn out so great. 


FRAME: Walmart


Square prints with white borders are so easy create, give as a gift, or card, put in frames or hang up with clothes pins on a string!



Time to update.

STEP 1 - clean, donate, organize become a minimalist, and seriously get rid of everything if you can! 

STEP 2 - now that you have a better idea of the space you have to work with, you can start project planning. 

I chose to create a gallery wall that looked similar to my feed & to swap out photos from my frames around the house. I found that my first instinct would be to go purchase more but it’s nice to update and save money. 

STEP 3 - ORDER!! You can create various “projects” , so I separated mine: - graphics , square prints, frame prints. I used Canva & Vsco to edit my prints & graphics. 

STEP 4.- hang it up / show the world / throw a little spring get together. 

Some other ideas:

- Clipboard print // I created a custom easy wall decor that I saw at target for under $3. Clipboard can be found at your local dollarstore. My Adoramapix print is fairly simple so I decided not to paint the clipboard. (try painting it white or sticking on marble paper!). 

- Coffee table prints // Once I chose my chosen prints for my wall (if you are renting this is perfect because you can use sticky tac), I had lots of leftover square prints. Scattering them around my coffee table ended up looking great! 

Thank you Adoramapx & Collabor8




Very excited to be sharing about my first Voxbox. This is a new category on my site where I will be documenting my collaborations & product reviews! 





When I first opened the box I had fun shaking this mascara tube! They really mean it when they say that it stays fresh. I love Rimmel as a brand so I was pumped to test these. After 3 days of no eyeliner & just this mascara I got compliments on how light and natural my look was. 



MY FAV SHADES ARE: trendsetter 700 & Salute 200 

To be honest, lipstick wasn't always my thing. Until I discovered how subtle matte lipsticks can be. I love that this lipstick line has numerous colours in so many different shades! You can wear something bold, or just keep it casual paired with the shake it fresh mascara. 

Received complimentary for testing purposes

Cute spots // West Village Cafe

I am currently writing this post from this very cafe. West Village has become a second home to me and my friends. If you are looking for a spot to catch up, get some amazing photos or eat delicious food you seriously need to stop by.

This has been one of the most beneficial collaborations yet. I have had meaningful conversations and bumped into old friends in the last couple of months. The lighting is always beautiful and for some reason you feel like you're in a whole other city, when in reality you may be 10 minutes from home.

The entire idea behind this cafe according to owner Paul Bhangoo was to have a local place that revolved around community and for people to develop relationships. That dream became a reality and it is very evident when you step foot into their space. Hello's are exchanged, names are remembered and faces are familiar. It's our new go to! 

My fav drink to order: COCONUT MILK HOT CHOCOLATE

My fav smoothies: ANTIOXIDENT 


instagram: @west_village_cafe_

open 8am -8pm (such awesome hours!) 


Travelling with Aria

Aria Travel Kit 

I can't sit still for long, so travelling has become a huge part of my life. I am a big fan of quality products, that's why I was thrilled to receive the Aria Travel Kit and put it to practice on my trip to Hawaii.

Every time I pulled out a product from the kit I felt like a kid opening a present on christmas morning. 

This kit is carefully curated, each product is a true travel essential and has items you didn't even know you really needed. 

Here is a little picture overview of what the kit contains. All of these goodies fit perfectly into the "super organized aria case"

I had a 6 hour flight and I opened my kit numerous times! Right before we landed we were all handed custom forms for entering the state of Hawaii and I had never been so grateful for a pretty pen! Erin (Aria kit creator) thought of everything little thing ! 

  • handmade face-body moisturizer
  • handmade all-natural lip balm (SMELLS AMAZING)
  • handmade natural toothpaste & biodegradable toothbrush
  • natural deodorant 
  • moist towelettes
  • silk sleeping eye mask (100% mulberry-fed silk)
  • metallic gummi ear buds
  • soundproof ear plugs
  • fluffy microfibre socks
  • metallic pen   
I love that I was able to freshen up before landing, I wiped my makeup off with an alcohol free towelette (super gentle on my sensitive face) , brushed my teeth and applied some good ol' deodorant. 

I love that I was able to freshen up before landing, I wiped my makeup off with an alcohol free towelette (super gentle on my sensitive face) , brushed my teeth and applied some good ol' deodorant. 

This is the pouch that your earbuds come in. Am I the only one who is obsessed with little cases and pouches? Now I keep this in my purse!

This is the pouch that your earbuds come in. Am I the only one who is obsessed with little cases and pouches? Now I keep this in my purse!

Full of everything you need to stay comfortable for long flights, layovers, anywhere in the world.