23 questions

Someone asked, so I answered.


To be honest it’s taken me a month to post my answers. I thought this would be easy, until I realized how vulnerable this could become or how much it reminded me of those anonymous question asking sites from the early 2000’s lol.

So, sorry for the delay - I don’t like to half share without full explanations, I want it to be pretty and organized and well package even if that’s unnecessary.


Over easy is the only way to go! , to be honest scrambled eggs makes me think of those summer camps where it comes in a big plastic bags. I’ll only eat them if they are covered and I mean COVERED in ketchup.


Yes. Oh yes. 

High school was quite fun for me, despite lots of ups and down. I look back and question so many of my words, decisions and my priorities. 

There are certain girl friends that I wish I had taken the time to get to know more. Here I am 5 years later not close to the girls I spent time trying to please impress or fit in with & definitely not close to the boys who gained most of my attention. I wish I had appreciated “free” education. I did go to a private school for the last 2 years which gave me a nice little reset to how I wanted to live :high school”. But I should of taken automotive, the computer programming class and woodworking. I will forever regret not taking woodworking. If you’re in highschool - take a language or some useful life still courses!!!!!!!!


I remember one morning in the internship I was in one of our friends shared how to him - his prayer life looks like having God actually on the forefront of your mind. You’re in constant conversation and communication with Him. It felt good to hear that I wasn’t crazy for being like that too. I used to think I was worshipping and connecting with God the most through dance or music, but those have become ways for me to express my love and praise Him. I’m too ADHD to sit for hours and read/journal. But journaling has helped me process ideas in a more concrete way and hearing him after speaking to God. I think of my relationship with God like children get taught - HE IS MY BEST FRIEND / MY SUPERHERRROOOO! (insert every cheesy bible school song). I just chat out loud when I’m driving alone, I talk to Him as if we’re narrating my life as it happens and I thank him when I see something beautiful.


Maybe it’s just me, but I’m starting to see a “trend” , let’s call it a movement where teens and young adults are realizing that they should prioritize and value their family as well as treat friends they really care about like family. Choosing your family hang out over a casual friend activity isn’t uncool, it’s respected. 

I try but do not do a perfect job at it. It crushes me to hear later that a certain friend has felt neglected. Moments with family members are really precious memories. Gatherings with more than just your immediate family are extra precious and are less common and likely. 

If I see my friends 3-4 times a week with school, work or church activities. I would remember that my family hasn’t seen or spent nearly as much time with me so that’s important to set aside.

Balancing is HARD - I suggest remembering that life is short, finding ways to conquer good ol’ F.O.M.O. - also.. GOOGLE CALENDAR IS WHERE IT’S AT.



Hmm.. PORTLAND PORTLAND PORTLAND. Drive up the coast if possible, and go to the cute coffee shops. Grab snacks at Trader Joes & have a picnic along the coast. 

SEATTLE. I actually really liked the Ferris wheel!

TBH I GOT THIS QUESTION BEFORE MY LAST MINUTE YVR>CALI 1 DAY DRIVE. I recommend flying or giving yourself lots of time to enjoy the road haha.


(This is the most Caleb Tryhane question ever - I was not surprised by this submission lol )

Incase we’ve never met - that’s what I love - it’s what I do - I love coming up with creative and aesthetic ways for brands/business’ to share their latest products. services or offers. Digital Marketing is powerful if you have a strategy. Personal vs. using it as a business tool are two very different things.


  • Good quality visual or written content!

    • Sub tip: If it’s for Linked in/Facebook - I suggest minimum 1 high quality image to go with some great copy or a specific story about the brand or a service. If it’s IG - outsource photography (or use portrait mode & a consistent filter), if your budget is tight you can collaborate with locals who are interested in getting into the marketing photography world. Can’t find those? there are Facebook groups with local creatives looking for fun portfolio projects.

  • If the posts are not time sensitive (doesn’t have to all be specifically live, schedule them via Later.com)

  • Just because it’s a business & you’re not sharing a person’s fun exciting life doesn’t mean the account has to be boring! Thing of a creative angle your customers can relate to or want to engage with.

    • Here ‘s an example: My friend who runs social media for a major tool/hardware store has started photographing the same product but both brands side by side asking followers which is their fav or go-to. The engagement is crazy impressive! It’s like a Milwaukee vs. Stanley show down in the comments!

      Say you are a real estate agent or delivery company? Focus on story! Ask people to openly or anonymously share their home buying journey. Share your delivery process or the route it took & why your company cares!


Building a Storybrand , How I Built This & Trader Joe’s (odd I know)


I like this one - for me personally it has been more about: things I love more than things I am necessarily good at. “Marketing” those passions did make a difference! EXAMPLE: Photography. I had a $400 Craigslist camera and loved capturing events. I would post final photos on my Tumblr, Facebook, get everyone to tag me it was more work than just doing paid gigs and delivering pictures on time. ANOTHER EXAMPLE: Hair scarves. I was raising money for a missions trip and sold hair scarves, I had made 3 total (2 were completely different sizes) before launching it out to the world! I thought to myself. I would use this, me and my mom enjoy this activity and it allows people to help me - so I went for it. IN CONCLUSION : trial and error. After those 2 passions I realized I like storytelling & chatting with strangers more than photography and making products. Make a list what projects would you do if you had a full day off, need help marketing them? message someone who is doing something similar! Maybe those ideas can turn into some sort of income or passion project!


I used to say I would want to be a nanny forever, then I realized that’s called being a mom. I can’t wait to be a hopefully cool momma! Nanny perks is that you get to make cute snacks, do fun activities but hand over the kids at the end of the day.


Sometimes I miss on-set days. I think I’ve officially retired from this, but it did allow me to see what the film industry was like and make new friends! My sister and I went to commercial auditions quite a bit when we were younger. The process was always dreadful and long. Now a days- so different - it took me 5 minutes to upload a few photos onto the : BC Background website , enter details, get approved & then fill out my availability.

When I wanted more full time hours I got an agent (just look up Background Agent + your city). The % they took was very minimal whenever I would get a job and they essentially find you opportunities and you say: YES or NO. You then show up to the location with I.D , a few outfit options and hang out for the day walking back and fourth, sitting, dancing, fake talking .. all of the above! If you get a gig: bring a book, external charger, & a bag of any weather clothes.


  • drumroll * …. no, I am not! (but ask me to play matchmaker with my friends & I’m down)


hmm, guess I’m spilling all the deets for those curious friends out there. Sharing life with someone is a beautiful thing to want. I honestly couldn’t have imagined myself in a serious relationship in the last 2 years. There is so much I wouldn’t of done, risked, seen and experienced had I had another person to try and properly care for. I would feel so bad for them haha. It’s not even like I didn’t try to salvage certain “heart sparkles” and make things work but, God must have known it was not the time. They’ve all just conveniently disappeared out of my life haha.

I spent so many of my teen years in relationships thinking they were headed towards marriage, when I truly wasn’t ready for what unconditional compromise & love even looked like. So I gave myself my entire internship & bible school year to focus on that rather than any form of dating. Now that that’s over, I have new desires and standards for what I look for in a boyfriend. It’s fun meeting people who have those traits ;) - I like the idea of a relationship, I like the idea of getting to know someone intentionally, but I also like the idea of clear communication (marketing brain) and I have found to have no idea what a guys intentions are when we’re just chatting and I receive no context so I just disregard it if it’s not obvious. so dudes - BE CLEAR WHEN YOU’RE INTERESTED IN ANYONE!


Baritone Ukulele ( that counts right?) , I sing & play the piano. I used to be so into the Saxophone, I wish I could still play that.


I know talented people who use different makes but I am a Canon-gal! I like to shoot on a 60D or a 6D and for travel my little Canon EOS M100.


TBH - this is a hard one, sometimes it breaks the bank but it’s encouraging to save up and finally purchase a product that is cruelty & guilt free! I used the GOOD ON YOU app now to look up brands & their ratings!


Praise God - I am born in NYC , so I have dual citizenship! (I think I’m also technically Malagasy…)


yes yes yes. It cost a lot more than some missions trip options, but my goal is to be able to afford to be there for at least a month every year until the refugee crisis is no longer existent in Lesvos.


I’m all about sitting at a cafe for hours. I justify the $6 drink as “office space rent lol”

I like Starbucks for the refill sake, Prado in Surrey or Black Tiger Cafe.


French school (EGR) > Surrey Christian Secondary > CapU (preschool assistant) > TWU ( 2 classes lol) BCIT (marketing) > Village School of Ministry > online TESOL course (current)


L’Oreal Telescopic (the regular one - Carbon Black is good too)




People? loving others? I’M A 2 (so many people say: oh, of course when I tell them..)


Strawberry/Banana Smoothie from Big Orange with coconut jelly! YOU NEED TO TRY IT. LET’S GO TOGETHER.

xoxo Cece R.

Staycation @ Burrard

Here is a little glimpse from our stay at the Burrard in Vancouver, BC.

Kassie & I are from the suburbs, being downtown even for a short trip gave us a breath of creativity and rest. The Burrard has loads of character, and the friendliest staff. We felt very taken care of and were steps away from the cutest shops & restaurants.  


After checking in we got changed & had dinner at the Warehouse (we sure love $5 food)! In the morning we had a waffle craving were able to grab a coffee from Elysian on our way out. The Burrard has amazing branding & social media presence, it feels like you are in California while still in the heart of Vancouver. 


When staying at the hotel you get to use the cutest bikes! We took advantage of this perk for our photoshoot. Overall, if you want the best Instagram photos & loads of DM's wondering "where is that!", "that place is so cute" this is the place to be! 

LAX - Photogenic city

I fell in love with California in a whole new way. I have been to beautiful places, but I was in awe that every corner & every glance I took was extremely gorgeous. 


I had an assignment with Cafe Crepe and the city & beach was pretty much our studio. We captured so much West coast content for the brand. 

I had high expectations when I was told the skate park would blow my mind. I am far from a sk8r girl. To this day, that skate park is my phone wallpaper. 



I stayed at the LEVEL FURNISHED LIVING (I woke up every morning thinking I was still dreaming), I felt like I was coming "home", I was able to unwind and this made editing hundreds of pictures so easy. 

I stayed in a one bedroom suite that had a stunning view - the kitchen included everything I needed to cook. I was a short walk away from Whole Foods and I bought a few ingredients to host dinner. I found myself using the pool & hot tub more than I regularly do when I stay in hotels. The entire aesthetic portrayed relaxation & comfort. 



Butchers Daughter - I was obsessed with the greenery and colours of this cafe. (they also have a NY location)



I obviously suggest Target, there was a mall right by Level. I also shopped on Abbot Kiney Rd. while location scouting and there is everything from small boutiques, well known brands and cute cafe's. 


Venice - Incredible skateboarders, Artists, Music and so much culture. 


I left this city with multiple amazing shots, I felt like I was across the world but I was only a short flight away from home. I find so much joy in discovering new places. If you are looking for cheap flights - check out the Hopper app or Allegiant air. 


Happy Travelling, 

Cece xox

Instagram // the truth

Hey, what's up, hello. Incase you don't know me personally my name is Cecilia, people have always called me Cece (or other odd variations of that). I do a numerous amount of things but my heart is the most full when I'm encouraging community, being creative & worshiping through photography, dance or music.



As I was editing my instavlog, I felt called to share something with you:

I wanted to remind people that life through someone's instagram account is often far from the entire truth. Especially mine. Even if some things are instant, a lot what I post is well curated, I get opinions from friends before posting, we take 20 of the same photo and then spend time editing a photo and revisit it later to make sure I'm happy with my work.


I know I value community, SO much. The problem was, I am not a huge quality time love language person, but I learnt that a lot of my friends didn't know how much I really loved them because I didn't always make the time. Ever since, I've set aside hours of my day to spend with people I hold close to my heart, people I want to get to know or at events where I can show that you can choose joy in the midst of crap in your personal life. That is why my life seems so "fun and "busy"!


I get upset when people meet me or haven't seen me in a while and say that my "life is so cool". It's SO not. I follow and know many people who do way more interesting things. Maybe I have learnt to make my one interesting activity of the day more exciting.


I have held off on posting any instavlogs since I got my laptop back because I heard that people thought I shared my life for a lot of the wrong reasons, including seeking attention and online validation. That really hurt my confidence because I want to capture my fav moments so I can re watch them, I'm sharing a product I'm doing an honest review for or I want to give others some fun activity ideas.


I post a couple boomerangs and pictures In a story. That is me sharing 1 minute of the day and that leaves 23 hours and 59 minutes of my life that is unseen. There are people I hang out with weekly that never make it on any of my social media because we are having so much fun or I just choose to keep that time between us. I often don't know where my phone even is and I'm the worst at replying to texts if I am around friends. I am alone for a majority of my day, I stay up late to edit or work in order to make up for the time I spent hanging out during the day. I'm working on it. I am setting reminders to text people back, creating structure in my workflow and I'm fully trusting that God has a plan for me in every season of life.


Posting on social media is my part time job. I literally went to school to learn how to understand marketing & social media communications. Which gave me an advantage to how I could use my blog and photography as a source of income. I wouldn't do it unless I loved it and felt that I was capable of using it in a positive and healthy way. I love seeing what everyone is up to on snapchat & instagram. I have made friends through these apps. I love how creative people are with their themes, story editing and photography skills! I am in awe when I see my youth kids sharing the gospel through these platforms. I think this is a safe place to show your talents, captured moments and your style. We need to just celebrate and be happy for each other, rather than compare and critique.


If you're reading this, I'm not sure where you are at. Maybe you see people on instagram and envy what they wear, how they look and what they are doing. Perhaps you are the one spending hours on VSCO and Facetune trying to make your picture perfect. I don't know, you could be someone who is living an entire different life through social media.


Some of the most worldwide famous people are weird. They are themselves ! They are so original and own it. This is going to sound cheesy. But own who you are. Just try it and let me know how that works out for you? Are you happier ? Because when I started being myself in every aspect of my life, even online... it really changed my life. Sometimes I'm sure I'm a little much to handle, my energy is a little over the top when I'm tired and I'm emotional over the smallest things. But I leave so many situations going wow, these people still love and want to hang out with me even if I'm borderline crazy. I hope you find those people, I hope you find a love for yourself and pride and ownership in your gifts that you've been given. You have something different that I do to share with the world, and I would love to see you using it to your fullest capacity.


Cute spots // West Village Cafe

I am currently writing this post from this very cafe. West Village has become a second home to me and my friends. If you are looking for a spot to catch up, get some amazing photos or eat delicious food you seriously need to stop by.

This has been one of the most beneficial collaborations yet. I have had meaningful conversations and bumped into old friends in the last couple of months. The lighting is always beautiful and for some reason you feel like you're in a whole other city, when in reality you may be 10 minutes from home.

The entire idea behind this cafe according to owner Paul Bhangoo was to have a local place that revolved around community and for people to develop relationships. That dream became a reality and it is very evident when you step foot into their space. Hello's are exchanged, names are remembered and faces are familiar. It's our new go to! 

My fav drink to order: COCONUT MILK HOT CHOCOLATE

My fav smoothies: ANTIOXIDENT 


instagram: @west_village_cafe_

open 8am -8pm (such awesome hours!) 

website: www.westvillagecafe.ca

To my anxiety filled self

Dear you, yes you.

Let's talk about it.

It's ok to feel like the world is caving in, but guess what? It's not. Take a deep breath, take time for YOU. It's ok to be busy, and it's ok to have evenings to yourself or even an entire day if you must! It's ok that you have commitment issues, and you find it hard to let people in. it's ok to let people take care of you. Travelling and dreaming is no longer an issue, you've got this. Appreciate your friends, let them take your phone away if it's causing you stress, it's ok not to want to answer that text or email. But you'll have to do it eventually. The more you put off, the more it will add up. It's ok, not to be ok.

Don't let mental illness get in the way of what you are called and dream to do! Don't let whatever you've got going on in your mind be a label that defines you. (cheesy, I know).. instead...be an ambassador. Speak the truth, post the truth, capture the truth, be an encouraging ear for those who think no one can relate to them, because you canYou can start a movement, you can create, you can drive, go to school, get on a plane, jump off a cliff, hike a mountain, move out, say hi to that cute guy, speak in front of hundreds of people, you can do so much.. so what are you waiting for?  

Love me.

A tiny bit about my experience with anxiety. 

I always knew I was a little more anxious than other about certain things, I would find myself having panic attacks at what seemed like the most inconvenient times. Like why now? Why am I feeling like I need to get out of here when it is such a fun scene for everyone else. 

I still find myself complaining to close friends wanting to be normal, and wondering why I'm not because everything would be so much easier if I was, right? I know that's just the devil trying to get to me when I am weak. 

What does it feel like? It's certainly different for everyone. Sometimes I feel like I'm slowly chocking to the point where I'm gagging and occasionally throwing up. Other times I have a terrible migraine and my chest feels heavy. Sometimes my body is tense for an entire conversation or it's as if everyone in a crowded room is talking about me. Sometimes I just want to surround myself with plenty of friends to lift me up, then other times I disappear and fall off the face of the earth for a couple of hours.

I stay up and get so productive with things that may not even be priority. I sometimes have anxiety with people and I come off as very friendly and bubbly but my insecurities have often got in the way of what I want to do or say. I get so anxious wondering and expecting the worst when it comes to what specific people think of me. I hate not being liked. I will do whatever it takes for things to be good between us, or to change your perception. 

That's what I do, often I mess up a little bit and expect all hell to break loose. 

I struggle with slowing myself down. Sometimes my thumbs are moving so fast and i'm multi tasking and responding here and there that my brain can barely keep up. Travelling is something I love and I will not let anxiety get in the way of that. I try to surround myself with people who keep me healthy and accountable. Last year a new thing I became anxious about was trying to figure out what life is like when you are single and I struggled with that for a month. Then after a car accident I was prescribed medication that I stopped taking them because I couldn't sleep whenever when I took these anti-depressants. I am realizing that there are other ways to control your anxiety. Maybe it was easier for me than it is for others to not be on medication, but I will never regret that risky decision to stop. 

As a 20th birthday present to myself I got inked for the first time. A reminder to not be anxious & instead pray. I love it!!!

So..here I am now. I'm not perfect, I don't want to be branding myself superficially and make it all about free products, gaining numbers and selfish things. I just want to forget about likes and stop checking my blog analytics and just live everyday the way I want to live it.  


#BELLLETSTALK is an initiative that started to create open conversations about Mental Ilnesess', Don't let this just be for one day, let's continue to be open, loving, and as encouraging we are today as a nation.