Sous le ciel de Paris {Travel Photography}

Under the Parisian sky, you will find beautiful monuments and photogenic places.

Crepes, coffee & the Eiffel Tower are a must! I even bought a beret to go with the iconic Paris tourist theme. If you love beautiful scenery, delicious food & fresh bread - Paris is for you!

I think we struck gold with the photo spots - this was my favourite view of the tower!

I think we struck gold with the photo spots - this was my favourite view of the tower!

Couldn’t stop singing: “Au soleil, sous la pluie, à midi ou à minuit , Il y a tout ce que vous voulez aux Champs-Elysées”

Couldn’t stop singing: “Au soleil, sous la pluie, à midi ou à minuit , Il y a tout ce que vous voulez aux Champs-Elysées”

We quickly realized a place worth visiting if you find yourself in France is Disney Paris. Every corner felt like being in a real life movie. The parks felt magical! Their PR team was so prompt with e-mail responses

In my head I can picture Ratatouille helping the chef make the meal by pulling his hair - haha.

In my head I can picture Ratatouille helping the chef make the meal by pulling his hair - haha.


My Disney Paris Tips:

Check out both parks - One of my favourite parts of this experience was watching the stunt show. Don’t blink, this choreographed care chase and special effect show really keeps you on the edge of your seat.

Get the app - Something we learnt mid way through the day was that we would be able to view schedules, maps and WAIT TIMES via the app.

Second times the charm - We actually had enough time to do some rides twice. Which I highly recommend. Get the photo face you actually wanted, or keep your eyes open this time to notice some details you may have missed the first time around.

Don’t miss the parade - Definitely, 100% watch the parade. Workers did a great job at directing people to the view areas while clearing the path. I loved the singing, dancing, and special appearances from so many amazing characters.

Bring a portable charger - There are too many photo moments to capture, so be prepared to use your phone for videos and photos lots! A portable charger ensures you have the battery life to last!

I loved:

Coffee - No time for naps, there was too much to be excited about! I was so grateful for the many places that sold coffee in the park. 10/10 and much needed.

Food - Feel free to pack snacks, but I saved up my appetite for a meal in the park, where I had some amazing fajitas. There were many options and styles of food to choose from so we each got exactly what we were craving.

Lion King - What more is there to say. We went before the opening of the Lion King & Jungle festival, but it made us very eager to return. These new shows and exhibits just started 2 days ago. (JUNE 22 ) and run until September! Anyone want to come with? ;)

Costumes - Leave it to Disney to make you wish you could dress up everyday of your life! Not only was every person we interacted with bilingual, but they greeted us with friendly smiles and really cool costumes that were associated with their ride/attraction!

Fast Pass - The fast pass life is the way to go. Waiting times are very visible above each ride, so it helped us use our fast pass strategically. You are given a time slot to which you can come back which means we got to do rides that were less busy and grab snacks while rather than be in line the entire time.


Overall, France - you have have exceeded my expectations. My camera roll is full and so is my heart.

All images shot with a: Canon EOS M100 & edited on Adobe Lightroom

Holiday Gift Guide - For PNW dudes

Need some last minute gift ideas that a majority of men can appreciate?

Here are a few of our fav items that can be shopped from each brands online store OR even better, in stores at Fort & co , in beautiful Fort Langley, BC. (amen for not having to pay for shipping!)

To be honest, you can’t go wrong gifting anything Herschel. From apparel, suitcases, bags & travel essentials - it’s all perfectly designed AND PRACTICAL! (that’s where a majority of these are from)

I should really name this post: PRACTICAL GIFTS FOR A #PNW KINDA DUDE.


Here are our two fav rain jackets: The lining inside these jackets are quite nice! The black one is a longer length style - both come in various colours.


“Puffers are all the trend” - In the end, this one was our winner for best investment jacket. So light, fit in our backpacks, kept us warm & dry - yes, I said “us” . There is a women’s version as well.


A fun little gadget kind of gift - VSSL flashlights are such an aesthetic option for light & different supplies. Check their website , they have a flask version, first aid kit & even a zombie one - haha. A practical item to have camping, on a hike or in your car. They are actually local & have created such a great adventure tool.

Oh, here’s a fun stocking stuffer or gift bag idea. Herschel has these affordable & compact bags! I have used them in the past to hold gifts, but they also fit in a stocking. There are backpack or duffle versions!


Thought I would throw in one last little gift idea - Anything Gentlemen’s Hardware is beautifully branded, packaged & very practical. We found that these waterproof cards would work great for rainy trips, or in our case, being near a rapid river!


Hope this helps give you some holiday or birthday inspiration for a friend, brother significant other, dad, uncle etc. ( or for yourself - I personally like all of these)

LEVEL furnished living - Vancouver

I have stayed in many hotels or similar accommodations, my absolute favourite as of right now was LEVEL furnished living in LA. Where I had the opportunity to stay for a week and I could not get enough of how photogenic the entire city was. I pushed myself to have the same outlook on my own city coming home. I have been on the hunt for spots with great lighting, backdrops & interesting textures locally and it just keeps on getting better. To my surprised during a stroll downtown I saw the recognizable LEVEL sign. My self & Kassie had the opportunity to tour and learn about the suites the New Yaletown - Richards location offers! 

Here is a gallery of photos from our visit :


Arrival in Greece

Hey friends,

Here is what’s important to know:

Geographically Lesvos is the closest large land mass from Turkey.


Greece & Turkey do not always get along, and the reality is that Greece does not have the resources to be receiving this many refugees in a camp that is already double its capacity.


The country is not doing well economically, tourism is low and that leaves a lot of businesses without customers. In the last few days I’ve had fun photographing how spectacular this place really is, in hopes that maybe this specific island becomes a travel destination for people.


I tell myself I am trying Greek sweets & coffees.. for the sake of helping economy, right? ;)


Rule of thumb when in Greece, plumbing sucks. Don’t flush the paper.


This is not Canada. Pedestrians don’t have the right of way. Drivers and scooters are so confident in their hectic driving way... crossing the street scares me more than being in camp.


•I’m all seriousness, small boats are overpacked after contacting a smuggler in hope of a better life and then they make that dangerous open water journey.

•People from many countries no longer have a home.


(We are talking 40 different nations!)

•We are volunteering under Euroreleif /

•YWAM LESVOS who is about a year old, their base is on the “next wave” which is where we are currently living.

•The crisis is STILL ongoing

The very morning we toured camp there was a handful of boats that arrived!

some of the tasks we do: Security, gate guarding, admin, doctors, plumbers, teachers etc. 

Every life jacket has a story.


We had the chance to see the “life jacket graveyard”. Thousands have been dumped, along with boat remains and small floaty tubes. Kassie looked over at me and reminded me that each jacket had a story and the little girl I was holding hands with at camp wore one of these - if she was lucky. My heart broke at the truth in her observation. You can visually see the large number of people Moria camp has had to host.


Everyday will be different, that is the life of most volunteers... and the refugees.

How are we & what you can pray for:

Don’t worry. So far so good :) our entire team made it after a full day of travel on Easter.

Incase you didn’t know I am on this trip with my Village school or ministry class. I’ve had the privilege of spending the last eight months with some amazing people learning about the bible & what it would be like to pursue ministry, but that’s a story in itself.

It is a whole new adventure to be living 6 girls out of suitcases in one small room did I mention.. on a boat.

The “next wave” is bigger than what I had imagined. Theres a kitchen, bathrooms and a cozy library we’ve already gotten to dive into.  Feels homey and I some how still get lost on this small ship)


 The marina is beautiful to look at, the Greek stars are something I am excited to stare at. I picture what life at sea must be like, but the thought makes me a little sea sick so I’ll stop.


Some of us have been feeling anxious about the unknown of what the days will look like, or what tasks we will be asked to do. Pray that we feel adequacy and courage.

We were reminded that it is easier to be a light in a dark place. Moria camp is a dark place.

It was fitting to leave for our trip on Easter, when our church reminded us to RISK EVERYTHING.

We can’t ignore this situation, we need to come in knowing that we were given a crazy opportunity and we need to make the most out of it. We are not the only ones who risked it all. These people risked safety, being caught or arrested in the waters, the lives of their children and families, risk going into a country with no legal documents this is THE REAL DEAL.



We already miss home and our families.

We have the advantage of coming into this already a family, but many on our team are leaving North America for the first time and traveling an entire day to end up half way around the world into the unknown CAN BE (I take that back..) IT IS a scary thing. We know our families miss us, but trust me it goes both ways.


Well. That’s all for now. We got asked what our first impression of Moria was (because you only get one first Impression). I think the documentaries made me think the journey to camp was the hardest part for them, but I realized once they get to camp the frustration and shock levels for them are high, and they don’t expect to be sleeping in these conditions. Maybe I’ll ask the rest of the class what their impressions were, but i thought it was cleaner than what I expected now that the Greeks get hired to pick up some trash. In a matter of seconds during our tour many kids would hold our hands and call us “my friend” or joking call us thieves. It’s kinda very cute in its on way.

Oh, If you donated, spread awareness or prayed for anyone on our team THANK YOU. We seriously came at a very needed time.

One last thing. The other day thanks to jet lag, Sarah and I watched the sunrise. What is life? I watched beautiful colours above Turkey from the comfort of our boat/home ! 


It had been a few days and lots has changed.


Lots of love,

Cece Rahoerason


Staycation @ Burrard

Here is a little glimpse from our stay at the Burrard in Vancouver, BC.

Kassie & I are from the suburbs, being downtown even for a short trip gave us a breath of creativity and rest. The Burrard has loads of character, and the friendliest staff. We felt very taken care of and were steps away from the cutest shops & restaurants.  


After checking in we got changed & had dinner at the Warehouse (we sure love $5 food)! In the morning we had a waffle craving were able to grab a coffee from Elysian on our way out. The Burrard has amazing branding & social media presence, it feels like you are in California while still in the heart of Vancouver. 


When staying at the hotel you get to use the cutest bikes! We took advantage of this perk for our photoshoot. Overall, if you want the best Instagram photos & loads of DM's wondering "where is that!", "that place is so cute" this is the place to be! 

Local Adventures // Yarrow

Portraits from a little friendly walk in Yarrow, BC. Just head East as if you are going to Chilliwack and you will spot local fishers, people walking dogs and some great photo op spots. 




by: @cecerahoerason

We all know the typical the typical YVR tourist photo spot (suspension bridge, English bay etc.) Here are some unexpected lower mainland photogenic places.


1. Sasamat Lake , Port Moody 

(Also known as White Pine Beach) This beautiful lake and walkway is one of many photogenic spots in the Belcarra Regional Park. 

2. Cleveland Dam

photo from: @jaunt_gc

photo from: @jaunt_gc

Cleveland dam (free tourist attraction) is located in North Vancouver. 

3. New West Pier

New Westminster Pier has a great View of the Patullo Bridge , and a beautiful walkway. You wont miss the 140ft "W" .  

4. Fish trap creek Park , Abbotsford 

Abbotsford is full of hidden gem locations, such as this one. Enjoy a walk, run or bird watching at Fish Creek Trap Park!

5. Chilliwack Lake 

Chilliwack Lake Provincial Park is gorgeous in every season. 

6. Pitt Lake

photo: pa_leblanc

photo: pa_leblanc

Weather you're Kayaking, canoeing or going for a stroll Pitt Lake (2nd largest in the lower mainland) has the most breath taking scenery.

7. Light House Park

Lighthouse park can be found along the shore of West Vancouver, the variety of angles you can get of this lighthouse are endless! 

8. Steveston 

Steveston (also known as Storybrooke, from Once Upon a Time) is a small fishing village with numerous different historic textures to photograph. 

9. Central Park

The PNW vibes are real with this Central Park, Burnaby Gazebo. 

10. Barnston Island 

photo: @rileykuebler

photo: @rileykuebler

What I like to call the backyard island. Located between Surrey & Pitt Meadows. You can hop on the free ferry by car or bike. 


Local adventures // Hawaii edition GIRLS WEEKEND

Hawaii Weekend lifestyle shoot

Grab some friends, a camera, and a car! Thats all it took to share and capture some beautiful memories on the Big Island. After checking out some Pinterest inspiration we chose a couple photogenic destinations to spend our weekend.

Pulled up at Old Airport Beach right in time for the sunset. What a peaceful place to slowly drive to shoot some sick car window shots. 

Pulled up at Old Airport Beach right in time for the sunset. What a peaceful place to slowly drive to shoot some sick car window shots. 

location: Waikoloa Hilton pool bridge

location: Waikoloa Hilton pool bridge

Waikoloa Resorts Big Island, HI

Waikoloa Resorts Big Island, HI

Old Airport Beach // Big Island, Kona HI

Old Airport Beach // Big Island, Kona HI

little behind the scenes action of what it takes to get the perfect shot. Crawling in the props with your models happens. 

Locations: Waikoloa Hilton & Old Airport Beach

Models: Natalie Schwisow & Sarah Kim

Car rental: Enterprise Kona

Pumpkin Patch

FALL IS HERE!! Aldor Acres Farms

how do you know it's fall? Your instagram feed is full of baby puppies, goats and pumpkins! My annual trip to the pumpkin patch is something I look forward to. It's so much fun to create and capture fun memories shared with your friends or a scary goat. 

this year, the farm had puppies. I repeat.. puppies! My heart was full the entire time I got to cuddle one of them

this year, the farm had puppies. I repeat.. puppies! My heart was full the entire time I got to cuddle one of them

My tights are a mess, I know  Watch: Moto 360 // Rain Jacket: Walmart (i have it in black too) // Boots: Joe Fresh

My tights are a mess, I know

Watch: Moto 360 // Rain Jacket: Walmart (i have it in black too) // Boots: Joe Fresh

Local Adventures - White Pine beach, New West & Lighthouse park

Local adventure - on a time crunch

if you're from the lower mainland and you're on a time crunch here are the spots you are able to do in one afternoon, or morning if you're one of those productive people. These locations are steps away from their parking lots and you can feel comfortable dressing cute for the sake of getting some great spots. 

keeping her new white shoes perfectly clean, a little bit of a struggle. 

keeping her new white shoes perfectly clean, a little bit of a struggle. 

model: My beautiful cousin - Aurore Delaporte // Blanket scarf - Primark

model: My beautiful cousin - Aurore Delaporte // Blanket scarf - Primark

Lighthouse park is a local fav. We ran into a couple getting some engagements done on a large rock near by. It is an absolutely photogenic spot. 

my good friend Brendan is always up for spontaneous adventuring. He actually directed a film, I cant wait to watch it!

my good friend Brendan is always up for spontaneous adventuring. He actually directed a film, I cant wait to watch it!

Where do you head when you're short on time? Keep an eye out on Instagram for inspiration and some hidden gem locations. 

Local adventures - Jones Lake

my oh my do I love spontaneous adventures. When I think about the person I will most likely spend the rest of my life with, I hope they can keep up with my instant need for fun trips. Last minute instagram searching turned into an overnight camping trip. Gather some friends, pack your bags and just east on Highway 1 for a really long time. Despite some car troubles, we managed to make it up to the campground.

Jones Lake is just past Bridal Falls (do both, it's worth it) , It is one of those great visually appealing destinations that does not require much planning or an entire weekend. Many photographers are impressed by the variety of shots you can obtain from one trip to the lake. 


The morning was so peaceful, and the lake is beautiful for capturing pictures and relaxing in the back of a car with some cozy blankets! 



Jones Lake essentials

  • 4x4 vehicle
  • snacks & drinks
  • camera, tripod , drone, iphone (there is no service half way up-so peaceful) 
  • warm clothes
  • canoe/kayak ( if I could go again, I would definitely suggest bringing something to float in)
  • Beanies by Jaunt clothing & good 

search up Jones Lake BC on instagram locations and you will find fabulous videos such as this one. 

Peaceful morning at Jones with a rad crew ✌🏼️

A video posted by ⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀Braedin Toth (@braedin) on

Hello, World!

made for: BCIT MKTG

#littleboobooadventures | powell river

Here's another little recap of a mini trip featuring little Booboo. There's no big story to why I call him that. Once I got hurt, and he kissed my finger better and said poor little Booboo.. Instantly the pain went away because I was laughing so hard at how cute that word was!!  


We have been to the bc French games together numerous time (where Philips team always dominates in sports) , and we have even been to the Canadian French youth games together. This year we spent the May long weekend capturing photos & video for an event so close to our hearts! Here are some of my fav shots from beautiful Powell River. 


Philip is the best at making sure my coffee pictures are good :)  

Philip is the best at making sure my coffee pictures are good :)  

Front of the bus views

Front of the bus views

Our equipment for the weekend  

Our equipment for the weekend  

Best 50$ I've ever spent at Walmart! A little black suitcase that fits SO much. Highly recommend!

Best 50$ I've ever spent at Walmart! A little black suitcase that fits SO much. Highly recommend!

Local adventures - backyard island

"When you realize there is an island literally right down the street". 

A couple weeks ago 3 photographers got together to have some last minute adventure fun, we quickly realized we would have to take pictures of each other 😂 . It was funny, your instinct to back up and grab a candid is suddenly already being done by your friend. 

Riley & Tyler are extremely talented, and amazing people to have in my life. You'll get to know more about them another time, promise. 


Tyler: @tyleranaya @jauntclothing

Riley:  @rileykuebler 


Tyler rocking his elementary yearbook picture, while I look like a fighter.


Riley is the cadid portrait MASTER!