turning 20 | tattoo

Let's just say, I don't do well with sharp objects. I've always been a little clumsy, and I tend to squirm at the thought of a needle, but I some how made it through my very first tattoo. We are still working on updating the blog from my previous site, but once that is done I will go into further detail on my "getting inked" story!

Last year, when my room mate in Hawaii went for hers and I decided I would get Philippians 4:6 somewhere on my body...Something stopped me, and I realized I was not mentally prepared. I am so glad I waited. Since that day I have grown much stronger in my faith, because I had to put that verse into practice almost daily. Do not worry, I told myself when struggling to find a place to live, after getting into a car accident, and when going over my finances. Do not be anxious, I repeated when going from a dating to single lifestyle, starting a new job, a new school...or multiple, or putting myself out there to serve at church and in my community. - INSTEAD PRAY. so simple, so powerful. I wanted a constant reminder. Before my grandpa passed away something he drilled into our minds was that God provides, if you trust. Here I was, the last 12 months have been all over the place for me, and I had never felt more shame, brokenness, temptation, and abandonment. I would question what I deserved to have to go through what I thought was too much at such a young age. FYI - you only get what you can handle. It was already planned for me to get over all those circumstances. 

I told myself. If I walk into Forver Inked in Langley, BC that if they cant take me in today, at the specific time my friend Kyleigh has her lunch.. then it is not meant to be for another year. Clearly they took me in and I did it!!! (it actually hurt a little.. don't let people tell you it doesnt lol!)

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