PROM 2017 // Tori & Max

Location: Fort Langley , BC 

Fort is a very common spot for engagement, wedding, grad, and family photos, to the point where some photo spots are overdone. Our goal was to find creative angles, backdrops and scenery for the day. Here's what we collectively came up with. 

This was a treat for me as a photographer, because my "models" are so photogenic! 


What fun it was capturing Tori & Max's graduation. 

our fav shot from the entire day

our fav shot from the entire day

Graduation season pushes me to grow as a photographer. Every grad has their own story, unique style and look. 

My graduation / prom photography quick tips:

- get inspired by the dress/outfit 

- do a pre walk around of the location

-capture the "in between" moments (those turned out to be our fav shots) this can include walking from one location to another, dress twirls, hair touch ups, get creative! 

Thanks for reading!