Cute spots // West Village Cafe

I am currently writing this post from this very cafe. West Village has become a second home to me and my friends. If you are looking for a spot to catch up, get some amazing photos or eat delicious food you seriously need to stop by.

This has been one of the most beneficial collaborations yet. I have had meaningful conversations and bumped into old friends in the last couple of months. The lighting is always beautiful and for some reason you feel like you're in a whole other city, when in reality you may be 10 minutes from home.

The entire idea behind this cafe according to owner Paul Bhangoo was to have a local place that revolved around community and for people to develop relationships. That dream became a reality and it is very evident when you step foot into their space. Hello's are exchanged, names are remembered and faces are familiar. It's our new go to! 

My fav drink to order: COCONUT MILK HOT CHOCOLATE

My fav smoothies: ANTIOXIDENT 


instagram: @west_village_cafe_

open 8am -8pm (such awesome hours!)