Summer is here and the adventures can begin! Today I'm sharing with you some of Jaunt's new collection & some tips on how you can photograph merchandise or apparel in a natural way.  

Trust me, their stuff is unbelievably soft & comfy. You can pair the tee's & tanks with athletic wear if you're going on a hike or camping or dress it up with some jeans and even a leather jacket for evening wear. 

#JAUNTON {check out their instagram, I get loads of ideas on where to go for photoshoots from them} 


I would do a poor job on explaining the JAUNT_GC history, so here's a little snippet from their website. 

Companies are starting to stray away from the studio styled shoots and opting for more lifestyle visual content. Since social media presence is so important and your typical ads are usually very obvious I find it fun to try and make product shoots look as organic as possible. Here are a few easy tips to get you started if you're interested in collaborating or featuring products in your posts. 

use your friends 

Free models. Free new profile picture. Everyday people are sometimes the best models, the adventure you take to get some pictures becomes a lot more fun when you are with a group of people you love. 

When I was in LA , I knew maybe one person and I happened to find models through friends of friends and asking around. People are more than willing to step in for a couple of photos. 


  feature what you love

It's totally ok not to make income on your first couple of posts. Companies will often reach out simply because you tagged them in a high quality photo. Get your work out there and don't be afraid to support brands you love.

location is key! 

Choose a location that makes sense. I can't stress that enough. It's one thing to look for a creative spot, and another to just go to the same place everyone else goes in the exact same spot. Keep an eye out as you are doing life incase you see potential backdrops and sceneries you can take future pictures at. Think about the product, where it would naturally be used and get creative! 

Feed off their feed

Some brands have very specific themes and traits in what they look for in posts that could potentially be featured. If you get hired on for a collaboration or sponsored post, make sure to ask if you are unclear about anything. Take a look at the colour themes, angles, similarities in their post and branding for inspiration. 

models: SONJA M. & BRAD K

models: SONJA M. & BRAD K