Meet the Creative // Magnus Futrell-Fruhling

Magnus Futrell-Fruhling

Dancer / Model 

What is a struggle you have over come?

The biggest struggle I ever had to overcome, was definitely the passing of my father. My dad passed away when I was just becoming a teenager, so going through my teenage life without a solid male role model around was, to put it lightly... “rough”.

It made me constantly search for something/someone to fill the void that was created. It was a roller coaster of a battle against myself to change the WHY DID THIS HAPPEN TO ME?! perspective, into a I will be the BEST version of myself possible BECAUSE this has happened to me. 

I will be the BEST version of myself possible BECAUSE this has happened to me. 

What lifestyle choices are you making to be genuinely happy? 

Learning how to put yourself first has been a huge lesson for me, if you don’t know how to make yourself happy then how can you expect to make another human being happy? Everything starts from within. If you don’t understand how to start from within, then your outsides will be super limited. Your insides reflect your outsides, and the sooner you can realize that the sooner you can start focusing on what truly matters. Rather than always running to other people’s rescue (which is making them have to rely on you, for their happiness) Teach them how to rescue themselves, so that they can be their own source of happiness.


Here are 3 simple reminders/tips I like to give myself.

1. The thing that you’re motivated to do when you’re at your weakest is the thing that you should be doing always.

Let me clarify, whatever you find yourself naturally gravitating towards at the beginning or end of a full day is what you should be doing all day.

2. Gary Vaynerchuk drill this into my existence and it’s the most motivating statement I’ve ever heard. Their is a 400 TRILLION to 1 chance of you being born. Whenever you’re unmotivated just remember how damn lucky you’re to even be alive right now, stop taking it for granted and get to work on whatever it is that fires you up to live your best every single day.

3. Young and Old: Integrate Young and old people into your lifestyle immediately if you haven’t already, age is the best teacher that we have.

Children teach us to be in the moment more, and in our heads less, to be amazed by the most simple of things, simply because life in it’s natural state is genuinely beautiful.

They teach us to believe in the unbelievable, that anything is possible, to smile and laugh more, and many many more things.

Elderly teach us to be patient, to not take life for granted, to enjoy every moment while it lasts, to follow our wildest dreams sooner rather than later, to take advantage of every moment that we have with our family members.

They teach us to have pride in our family heritage, they teach us the importance of history through the tales of their souls that they share so lovingly with us newer generation, and many many more things.

I’ll leave you with this, you only have one life. Nobody knows the answers on how we’re supposed to live it, as long as you can go to bed every night knowing that if it was your last night on this earthly planet, and you could fall asleep with a smile on your face knowing that you had accomplished everything that you’ve wanted to in your past days, then you have lived the perfect life.

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