can't believe it's so simple.

Hello again, I realized this is similar post to my “treat yo self” blog post - where I get excited to share a cute Bellingham place & it turns into some sort of semi-deep reflection. I’ll try to keep it short and.. simple :)


Gloomy Monday afternoon - calls for a R O A D T R I P ! We grabbed our passports, got in the car & headed to downtown B-ham (as the locals call it). Other wise known as Bellingham, Washington.

Mid way throughout the day I found myself SO SO content. With my surroundings, life, friends and I felt a pause that allowed me to really appreciate the simple things. As I made a mental list, I chuckled at how mundane and boring they could sound. Almost everything I was extremely grateful for was a basic need & nothing out of the ordinary for Western culture.

Today I am grateful for:

A change of scenery - discovering a new cafe that I have had an Instagram crush on since they recently opened. Since a simple way to help get your productivity or creative juices flowing.

Friends - You know how they say “you can’t choose family?” - well you CAN choose friends… and every text, interaction, time spent together or act of kindness is a choice. If you can already think of 2-3 people in your life who aren’t related to you that go above and beyond or you enjoy sharing life with - LET THEM KNOW!

Leaving room for flexibility - New school year calls for organization right? I’m currently on that scheduling/deleting/organizing train… something popular at the moment is time blocking. I woke up thinking about how productive my life would be if I was a good time blocker. Instead, today was one of those days where I unintentionally spent time with my mom, had some meetings and an afternoons where we could sit, dip a coffee, start to work and see where the day took us. Which lead to spontaneous tattoo inquiries and walks with no specific destination.

Food - Can i add coffee to this category? I’ll allow it. I’ve attached an image below and I hope it gets you hungry and excited to share a meal, cook, or order food with people you love.

its so amazing - yet. It’s so simple. .

A shift of perspective, a reminder to keep your head high, choosing joy in the midst of life’s complexity.

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Practicing simple gratitude looks like more than a brief recognizing of what “sparks joy lol”.

It can be having conversations about what you’ve been inspired by or been up to, going for coffee and surrounding yourself with people who are on board for a good time!

Thanks for having us Makeworth, your team was helpful, friendly (even got a tattoo place recommendation) & your space is beautiful.


This is the coffee shop of my dreams. The location, the multi level, the design, the lighting - it was so simple, calm, inviting and the perfect way to spend a Monday

Treat yo self'


Shout out to the coffee guy for taking our picture!!

Shout out to the coffee guy for taking our picture!!

After crossing the border back to Canada just in time for work - my best friend ELLA & I looked at each other and went hmm.. that was THE BEST MORNING!

To be honest it was nothing out of the ordinary, and for two gals who have had the privilege to see so many beautiful places around the world, how could such a simple morning be so exciting & memorable.

Post snow storm & frost in the air - we got in the car and headed south towards a coffee shop we had discovered through some pictures online.

I’m a sucker for a cute cafe, a little adventure and beautiful greenery!

First off, this place was 100% worth the “ international drive”.

IF YOU ARE READING THIS - YOU NEED TO CHECK OUT BABYGREENS !! @plantshopbaby on instagram and in person.


There seems to be a trend going on, where everyone is purging their closets, belongings, drastically cutting out sugar, coffee, vowing to never shop ever again because it’s not ethical and all of the above. Instead - consider simply doing things in moderation & with intentionality. Getting rid of items that no longer bring you joy is so great, but once in a while it is also important to purchase yourself a little treat that can go a long way for your overall productivity, mood or happiness. (or get someone else a treat and make their day!)

I found shifting my perspective on spending has made me really value the things I have purchased.


I pay for that $5 + coffee because not only am I supporting someones business, but I know I will enjoy it - I know it allowed me to catch up with a friend or work on something creative in a beautiful environment.

We gather, thrift & search through home decor store for pieces that will make us enjoy spending time in our bedrooms. (That’s one of me and Ella’s fav activities - cleaning our cute rooms haha! Stay tuned, we did a photoshoot of her’s for her upcoming blog.)

SO DO IT - take a morning off

Get that cute plant

Buy that drink if it allows you to sit and enjoy a calm moment.

Treat yourself to that 3-wick candle you’ve been meaning to splurge on!


Finding joy and excitement in the little things has honestly made life SO MUCH FUN.

Thanks Amanda for helping us pick some greenery to smuggle home. This one was my absolute favourite find.

instagram vs. reality

No personal photographer following you around 24/7? no problem > Film with your back facing iphone camera in 4K setting, pose, smile, dance, laugh and then screenshot your fav moment after! I have been loving the VSCO M5 filter or I use Lightroom mobile CC for my current instagram theme.

Look at that pineapple plant! DRINK CHOICE: OAT MILK MOCHA

Look at that pineapple plant! DRINK CHOICE: OAT MILK MOCHA