Spring Home decor with Adoramapix

After a long weekend of sunshine, it honestly feels like summer already. Having the sun out makes me motivated to tidy & freshen up my space. I am a photographer who is obsessed with capturing every fun moment of my life, usually they instantly go up online but then sit on my hard drive for months.  I have mixed opinions when it comes to photo printing, primarily because I have had a hard time finding quality and affordability all in one. 


Just when I had given up on the idea of affordable prints, I partnered up with Adoramapix. 

ADORAMAPIX: "The source for the finest quality photo prints, photo books and all your photo finishing needs, produced by professionals who watch over each photo"

They even print on canvas’ , you can create photo books that lay completely flat! 

MODEL: ASHLEIGH BALL   (check out her work at @ashleighballcalligraphy)  WHITE MARBLE LAPTOP CASE: Renpho

MODEL: ASHLEIGH BALL   (check out her work at @ashleighballcalligraphy)


I am now obsessed with their company. They are based out of my birth city NYC! They also check every print. Follow them on Instagram, because they often have really fun stories from these amazing photographers. 


For this project I pulled photos from all over the place. It was so easy, I gathered instagram photos, facebook, my camera roll & USB’s. I downloaded the Pix uploader app that helped me get all my photos that I had edited on vsco & saved onto my phone.


I was browsing Pinterest & Instagram DIY home decor and a trend for prints were square. They are aesthetically pleasing & can be used for so much! It makes it a little different compared to printing a 4x6 from a grocery store, which doesn’t always turn out so great. 


FRAME: Walmart


Square prints with white borders are so easy create, give as a gift, or card, put in frames or hang up with clothes pins on a string!



Time to update.

STEP 1 - clean, donate, organize become a minimalist, and seriously get rid of everything if you can! 

STEP 2 - now that you have a better idea of the space you have to work with, you can start project planning. 

I chose to create a gallery wall that looked similar to my feed & to swap out photos from my frames around the house. I found that my first instinct would be to go purchase more but it’s nice to update and save money. 

STEP 3 - ORDER!! You can create various “projects” , so I separated mine: - graphics , square prints, frame prints. I used Canva & Vsco to edit my prints & graphics. 

STEP 4.- hang it up / show the world / throw a little spring get together. 

Some other ideas:

- Clipboard print // I created a custom easy wall decor that I saw at target for under $3. Clipboard can be found at your local dollarstore. My Adoramapix print is fairly simple so I decided not to paint the clipboard. (try painting it white or sticking on marble paper!). 

- Coffee table prints // Once I chose my chosen prints for my wall (if you are renting this is perfect because you can use sticky tac), I had lots of leftover square prints. Scattering them around my coffee table ended up looking great! 

Thank you Adoramapx & Collabor8