Life Update // " So um.. you're still in Hawaii?"


I am about to hit one month here on the big island.

I knew someday I'd be on this base again, but little did I know it would be this soon. I always pictured myself coming back and spending time here serving once I had kids or something, or l assumed I’d be here doing a DTS. When the family I was staying with went back to Abbotsford I had no idea what I would be doing. I thought perhaps i’d sit in on my friends classes or just explore Hawaii and fly home the next day.


Screen Shot 2017-12-25 at 11.19.14 PM.png


I went to a parenting class by accident and found out one of the girls I had previously met had to go back to Canada on very short notice, because her mother had passed away. This was the same day I was looking up tickets to go home. I felt like there was nothing for me in Hawaii. I thought I misheard God. I clearly came feeling like I was called here for a reason. I mean who wouldn't think it was a sign to come to Hawaii? I was given a free ticket, no time to decide and on top of that I got to go back to one of my fav places. Then it all fell into place overnight. My doubts turned into joy. I was given free housing with one of my fav girls here, meals covered and a 15 month old baby that I love with all my heart. This family is doing a school here and had no one to watch their baby while their nanny was home for 2 weeks. They constantly remind me of how much of a blessing I am, and to me it’s pure fun because I love little babes. So many people stop me on campus to say they think I’m some sort of miracle for having no plans for the 2 weeks before photography school and taking on a baby. I am definitely learning and experiencing what it might be like to be a mom someday. (not soon)


Nothing has changed too much, I still love target & I even bought some cute home decor I am not sure how I will be able to take back. (probably going to shove it in my backpack)


Since I knew I would only be here for a short period of time, I did not expect to have such strong relationships with the people I’ve met here. They have spoken in to my life a ton, we’ve all mourned, cried, laughed and watched people be completely set free from their pasts together. (if that doesn't bring people close… I don’t know what does!) Myself and some of my girlfriends went to an amazing full day women's conference and last weekend might have “re-changed my life”. I am aware that my heart, priorities and lifestyle had shifted while here, but it felt like it would only be temporary. That since I was in the YWAM world I would be this way and then go home, go back to my same old life, bad habits, routines and insecurities. NOT ANYMORE. I know it will be extremely hard not to fall into temptations, and not feel less than I am, but I am being equipped to go back to Canada and be a inspiring version of myself.

Someone I barely knew gave me some encouraging words out of nowhere and reassured me that it is a gift to be able to bring people together and that this year I will be challenged to be an influence to others. I was like wow, ok.. Nice to meet you?! Um… who the heck am I influencing other than like maybe my youth girls?! He had no idea.. Said he just heard it Lol. I was scared he meant: people are watching you and that it would make me anxious or nervous about the way I act, but it turned out to be a wake up call to get my actions inline with my beliefs.  



Next week will be a little different since I am going to be joining in and assisting in the Photography program here on campus, half the day as a model and the other half to set up/take down lights.


But usually I wake up fairly early. If we want to eat we have to be up before 7:15 (when breakfast ends), Pick up bb Keegan and we just do whatever 1 year olds like to do. Eat dry cereal, nap, chase birds, socialize, go on the swings.. it’s quite fun. I am usually done around 3 and from there I sit in the hammock with friends, we go down to the beach, or just hang out. In the evenings there are various worship/ministry nights, and I have dance classes twice a week so that’s been keeping me busy. The best part (after Target) has been the stars! If you’ve ever been away from the city you know what I’m talking about. Looking at the open sky sitting on some lava rocks with friends has been one of the highlights of my trip. I knew 0 constellations and now I know maybe 4.

OH, I’ve also downloaded duolingo cuz Im learning German. (see you this summer when you’re a beautiful bride Leni!)



when will I come home?

In the next 24 hours, I will be purchasing a ticket to beautiful YVR.


The other day my friend passed away after being hit by a car as a pedestrian. He was in a coma and did not make it due to the bleeding and swelling in his brain. I am so grateful for the memories I shared with him, and how much he has made me laugh so hard that I’ve actually cried. Definitely keep his family in your prayers. I need to be in Victoria for the funeral pretty soon.


My estimated date of arrival… whenever it’s the cheapest! (so between FEB 9-14)


Here’s a nifty form for you to contact me if you don’t have imessage or want to email me for fun (I love e-mails, just saying) Make some plans for when I’m back? come visit me at home while I sort to everything I own and try and sell it for money considering I didn't work all month. God provides, it’s all cool, not too worried.


Love you all lots & lots.


Mahalo for reading my letter full of gibberish, 

If I'm sending you this, it's probably because I very much miss you. :)