Local adventures - Jones Lake

my oh my do I love spontaneous adventures. When I think about the person I will most likely spend the rest of my life with, I hope they can keep up with my instant need for fun trips. Last minute instagram searching turned into an overnight camping trip. Gather some friends, pack your bags and just east on Highway 1 for a really long time. Despite some car troubles, we managed to make it up to the campground.

Jones Lake is just past Bridal Falls (do both, it's worth it) , It is one of those great visually appealing destinations that does not require much planning or an entire weekend. Many photographers are impressed by the variety of shots you can obtain from one trip to the lake. 


The morning was so peaceful, and the lake is beautiful for capturing pictures and relaxing in the back of a car with some cozy blankets! 



Jones Lake essentials

  • 4x4 vehicle
  • snacks & drinks
  • camera, tripod , drone, iphone (there is no service half way up-so peaceful) 
  • warm clothes
  • canoe/kayak ( if I could go again, I would definitely suggest bringing something to float in)
  • Beanies by Jaunt clothing & good 

search up Jones Lake BC on instagram locations and you will find fabulous videos such as this one. 

Peaceful morning at Jones with a rad crew ✌🏼️

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