Leather jacket

Finding the perfect is a mini series on my blog where I look for THE PERFECT of a specific item. To me, perfect implies, that I essentially didn't spend $100. (seriously, I hate overpriced things) We live in a world where trends catch on quickly, and even if it might not be the "original" or have the high end label on it, as long as it is reliable and looks of good quality, why not save over 50% on it?

I searched high and low for a Black Leather Bomber Jacket. I checked forever 21, and they had an awesome one online for around $40, but they were sold out. You will notice my love/hate relationship with F21. The store gives me anxiety, but online you don't get the same good red sticker deals.

I went for my back up plan for every trendy clothing item: Urban Planet. Got this super cute jacket ($49), and it had fur you could add/remove! So far, I love it.