his & her - winter lookbook

It gets a bit awkward having to hold your jacket while shopping. For our little excursion to Bellis fair mall, we decided we'd leave the jacket it in the car, and opt out for a slightly thicker cardigan! TAH DAH!

Neutral/greyscale/minimal is currently in style, so keep that in mind while shopping. Stock your wardrobe with basics and a couple statement pieces.

our fav must have is currently a simple long black cardigan (hood is optional) not going to lie sometimes I steal Mark's!



 I'm wearing :

Denim Skirt: Rue 21 - $3

Tights:  Wilfred (you can get amazing, much cheaper tights at Superstore)

Cardigan: Burlington - $19

Shirt: jk. It's actually a tight sortov turtle neck dress! Sirens - $9

Booties: old navy - $20 (if you hate how pointy they are like mark does.. Check F21)


Mark is reppin' :

Scarf: old navy - $4

Bracelets: H&M - $5 + Southgate church's Pray first reminder!

Watch: guess - $145

Shirts: jc rags + F21 plain long white tee

Pants: fabrixquare online store - $40

Cardigan: urban planet (it has zippers!!) - $20

shoes: sportchek - $90

hat: lids - $35