D.I.Y halloween costumes

I know halloween is long gone, and we are approaching christmas and the new year, but incase these give you a bit of inspiration, you can already plan ahead for next year!

Halloween had never really been a thing in Mark's family, it's very typical for christian parents to limit some festivities that are not always really associated with positive things. My mom & dad always let me dress up, because I went to public school growing up, but it was one of those things we did take precaution with. I was a princess, minnie mouse, a scarecrow, a mime, a pumpkin, I think.. lots of cute and happy things. Getting to see Marky and his brother's first Halloween was loads of fun. It was go big or go home, costume wise..


After a lot of contemplation, we went with Buddy the Elf, one of our fav movies. Re-creating his look, and his signature hat was a struggle, but worth it in the end. For the sake of time, I went as a girl elf/Zoe D. with a really cute, store bought, costume from Value Village.

I purchased the jacket and white fluffy fabric from VV as well!



Being a deer, or faun, has been really popular the last couple of halloweens, and I figured it would be an easy, cute costume for going dancing, compared to my elf tutu. I did a quick stop at Canadian Tire (i know right?) got antlers. (PLEASE buy them at your local dollarstore or something the year before, because mine cost a solid $10. with no flowers!!) I got flowers for $1, and we started gluegunning them all over the place. This is such a YOU kind of DIY. Pinterest is full of inspirations, but they all look different. Same goes with the Make-up. Im greatful to be dating such an artsy guy. He managed to beautify my antlers, as well as do my makeup! Check Youtube and Pinterest for some different variations of the look, you can go full out or keep it subtle. Dress: forever 21 clearance section $7 (SCORE!)

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