Singing in the shower - a old high school paper

This is a 500 word paper little me wrote April 18-23, 2013. It was a bible class (no joke, bible with Splinter was awesome) this was an assignment where we had to pick something regarding christianity that we strongly believed, and relate it to a situation. I think the sample piece we read in class was about a lady in her car who was happy being dry, but she saw happier people crossing in the rain and laughing?! .. enjoy.


This I believe


Just a year ago I experienced my first high school chapel. If you’ve never been to one, let me tell you how it all goes down. It’s where we sing a few songs, talk about a life-relating topic for an hour, stand, sit back down and sometimes stand back up again. It’s a time and place where we can worship God with peers. As soon as the familiar music came on, my lips quivered as I looked around and I froze.


I just wasn’t feeling it. Don’t get me wrong, I’m in my churches youth band and singing is lots of fun, but it wasn’t the same setting I was used to. To my left people were texting, to my right, students braiding each other’s hair. Back rows managed to fall asleep despite the loud bass vibrations. It wasn’t my regular Sunday morning worship time. No one really seemed to be engaged. We were all sitting so close, and it was just plain awkward. All I though was, how can I do this “properly” with all these people standing around me? Before I knew it, the last song was over which meant I could finally go to class.


I got home and sighed when I noticed the week was over and I rapidly made my way to the shower. For some reason that last song was stuck in my head. Next thing you know I was actually singing out loud and lifting my hands. Of course the shower makes every one sound like a rock star but as I lathered the shampoo, I realized I knew the whole song by heart.


I had to stop myself mid rinse because I remembered hearing this song earlier today.  Why it was so hard for everyone to just open their mouths and sing during chapel? We’ve heard these many times before. It sounds terrible to say but I couldn’t worship to my full extent that way. I just felt bad for everyone else who looked super uncomfortable.  Honestly, when am I supposed to praise God if I can’t do it at the designated time they give me to do it?


We were all blessed with special gifts. Maybe some of us aren’t great singers, but dancing has been a huge part of my life and that is certainly a time where I praise for real not just because I have to. Why cant hockey, playing an instrument, acting, or even screaming in the shower be a form of worship? Our brains are so restricted into thinking that the only way we will get Gods approval is by standing up and mumbling. Therefore we don’t even acknowledge how important it is to have a balance. As cheesy as it all sounds, I know for a fact that we all have our own ways to give thanks. It may even be something we’re terrible at, but He gets it.


I believe in glorifying God with our talents, I believe in singing in the shower.