Kaikuahine - sister in Hawaiian

I tried to enjoy my last chuck of time at home by spending time with friends or relaxing. ( I forget to do that sometimes, then I wind up falling asleep in car rides). It's funny because I've spend quite a bit of my days soaking up the sun in what Canada calls a beach. It's not too bad, thanks to global warming, it's never felt hotter, my tan is already kicking in, and I haven't even set food on the island yet. Someone who is very family with Hawaii is my "big sis" Suzy. She has been there for me since my first day at SCS where she introduced herself and said "you prob don't know who I am, but I know who you are!" Boy am I ever glad she was so weird, or else I wouldn't have gotten to know such a lovely lady. Her family goes above and beyond to pray for those in need, and gives their time and has such a friendly approach when sharing the gospel. I can always count on her to keep myself on track with my walk with God, along with taking care of me when I stumble and make mistakes.


1 Peter 3:3-3

It's not the clothes, jewelry, or your body shape that define who you are!!

Having a best friend like that is a constant blessing, and privilege! xox

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