hawaiian jitters

The joys of packing, planning, and perspiration.

Ten days to go! I tell myself! The only conversation starter anyone I encounter goes something a long the lines of: are you ready and excited for Hawaii? Word for word, to be honest! Of course I cannot wait to sink my feet into the sand and swim in the water. Hawaii has been a dream destination for a long time. By long, I mean most of my birthdays were luau themed, and my room was decorated like a Hawaiian beach. With all the bed sheets, sand in shampoo bottles, alarm clock, and wall decals.. Who would have known I would be spending 6 entire weeks there on my first ever go! The photography side of me was over joyed, the teacher in me was excited to spread the love of God through service, the 18 going on 19 year old in me was just trying to cool, calm and collected during the preparation of it all!

Learning to receive help

A majority of my life has been influenced by my mother. (Duh) we grew up giving our time, home, clothes, and love to people who needed it. Volunteering has been part of us. We naturally like to say yes, which makes saying no quite difficult, we want to contribute, and then we spread ourselves thin. We like to offer a hand. Being on the opposite side of situation is far harder in my opinion than doing a couple hours of community service!! When times were hard for our family we could no longer ignore the fact that we needed to start accepting help. Not just financially, but mentally.. We needed to let others encourage us, instead of being the encouragee. (If that's a word?)

As I drew that little note at work, the day I was officially a part of the mission builders crew, I knew a small step I had to make in order to continue my journey was to be vulnerable. Asking for prayer, asking for money, asking someone to give time up in their day to see what some teenager was up to is hard! I was working 13 hour back to back days to make whatever I could go afford this trip, and come home without an empty bank account.. I set money aside for my return and just needed roughly $800 to afford a ticket to Hawaii! Julien Paluku was able to help me lift a great weight off my shoulders! I was more than half way done after seeing his name appear on my phone. He has already given so much to my family and I, which is why he is considered to be one of my moms numerous children. I am so greatful for the people who send me money, and who couldnt give funds at the moment but were able to support me through prayer, and to those who make my day by just handing me cash or American money to use towards my trip.

Matthew 6:25-34


Do not worry ~ God provides. In the world we live in today it's hard to think like a bird and just wait for things to work out, not to care about what we are wearing or eating, or how much money we are making. I have been able to enjoy almost 2 entire weeks of what I consider vacation. Other than planning my travelling, I am finally able to spend hours at the beach without worrying about getting up early for work, or spontaneously making plans with people I miss! The entire school year, I was constantly stressed with work and the power money can have over a person is evil. Being worried you won't have any or enough is not healthy. It seems like when I was at my worst, not sure how I would afford gas or food.. Some sort of opportunity would come up where I could make something, or was given money to babysit, tutor or work. That's when I remembered I was being watched over and taken care of.