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Greetings! Cecilia Rahoerason here. Feel free to call me cece, most do. I am a banana bread & nap enthusiast. My talents involve sharpies, cameras or a computer!


I am currently a social media content creator trying to wrap my head around the concepts of business marketing, specifically in the social media and PR world.

It's powerful, it's challenging, it's instant and can reach people all around the world. 

It all started with a curiosity in the photography world and it didn't take long for me to find my niche. Lifestyle, branding, product placement and content creation can be a risky full time business, but if you are interested in pursuing a similar career, i'd love to fill you in on my high's and lows of this journey. 

I have been blessed with so many exciting projects in the last 3 years. From collaborations, company rebranding, new businesses, personal blogs and new restaurants. It only made sense for me to continue to give my all and expand my services and portfolio. 

@cecerahoerason on Facebook, Instagram, VSCO, Pinterest 


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