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I love to love on people, and have a passion for digital art/interaction.

Social media is powerful, it's challenging, it's instant and can reach people all around the world.

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I love all things: brand strategy & content creation


Marketing is my jam! I could chat about current trends & analytics for hours. I would love to help you visually tell the story of your brand. Let’s work together !


I blog once in a while…

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When people ask me what I do for a living:oh you know, I take pictures of coffee cups & cute things…?

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Yep… you read that right. In a month I’ll be off to Greece once again, for an undetermined amount of time. The island of Lesvos is in more of a crisis than it’s ever been. My heart is town because I love home and I love working in the refugee camp and using all the knowledge and gifts I’ve been given to make an impact on such a chaotic place.

That being said, any services I get hired for go towards funding my flight & stay. The cost is aprox. 15 Euro’s per night to cover our accommodations and the rest is on us to budget food

(& coffee - I very much need the caffeine when I work there)

If you have any questions, want to volunteer through the organizations we are going through or want to partner with me financially just send me a message!